Additionally, having that extra space in your closet will give you a reason to change or grow your wardrobe since you can see all your clothes clearly. The following organization ideas can help you maximize and enjoy the additional storage in your closet, regardless of its size.

1. Downsize and declutter

The first rule that every person should enforce when organizing their closet space is to get rid of the excess clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. You should eliminate all the items that no longer fit, are out of style, or ones that you have not worn for a long time and donate them to your friends or relatives. Label the items with words like “keep” and “donate.” This technique will create space for more fitting and fashionable items.

2. Purchase a closet organizer

You should consider investing in a closet organization system to keep your clothes and shoes neat and organized. Most organizers include hangers, closet rods, and shelves. The upfront investment might be high, but it will address your space needs. The systems differ in size, meaning that you should consider the size of your closet before purchasing the organizer.

3. Double the hanger space

Having a closet doubler rod for your hangers will make you feel like you have more space in your closet. It will allow you to include more clothes in a smaller area than before. This technique is a better and more affordable option for people who do not want to purchase a whole closet organizing system.

4. Install drawers and use drawer inserts

Installing drawers in your closet can benefit you significantly in terms of space because they ensure that everything has its place. If you have already installed them, ensure that you add several drawer inserts or dividers. They allow you to separate the drawers, keep them organized, and create more space for different items. For example, one drawer can be for sunglasses and another one for watches or undergarments.

5. Hang your pants instead of folding them on a shelf or drawer

Trousers and pants consume a lot of space when folded and placed in a closet drawer or shelf. You can save this room by compactly laying them over each other on a hanger. Additionally, consider using multi-layered pant racks because they are more spacious.

6. Seal off-season clothes in compact bags

Most people use compact bags for travelling. However, you can also use them to store items that are out of season or that you do not use anymore. For example, bulky sweaters often require a lot of space when folded, yet they are only useful during the cold months. Compressing them in the bags and then storing them in the bedroom or any other dead space will leave more closet space for the on-season clothes and shoes.

7. Store your jewelry and accessories in vanity or trays

Another effective closet organization technique is putting your jewelry, wallets, fragrances, and other small items in a vanity drawer or tray above the dresser. Using a drawer organizer will be more advantageous. It will enhance the space and at the same time give you more room for the flowers or any other decorative material you want to add to the closet.

8. Utilize the corners

You can also install shelves in the corners and use them to store bags and other items. The custom corner shelves beautify the closet and make it look more appealing than before. If the cabinet is close to a window, you should position the corner shelves appropriately to ensure that they do not block the natural light from outside.

9. Design a shoe wall or use a metal grid

Building multiple cubes for the shoes on one of the walls will leave you with a ton of space in your closet. It also allows you to see all your shoe collections and admire them at a glance. However, you should add effort to achieve well-designed and neatly painted wall of cubes. Alternatively, you can hand your heels and stilettos on a metal grid to leave more space for other items.

10. Clear the floor

If you want to feel like your closet has more space, ensure that you clear the floor. Throwing items around the floor always makes the room look crusty, disorganized, and untidy. To achieve a clutter-free environment, you should place the bags, clothes, and shoes on the shelves or racks. Interior décor experts also advise people to place an armchair on one of the corners or add a small throw rug to add some color and dimension to the closet.


Having a mall wardrobe can be quite stressful and discouraging. However, there are varied ways to streamline and organize this section of your house to make it look bigger. You will find that the closet space is big enough if you use the right organizing products, such as shelves, drawers, and vanities, and combine them with several decorative tricks, such as using bright paint.