2020 was a different kind of year and with it, trends rose from the dead—like dried flowers! Who would’ve thought that these preserved beauties would get the spotlight in weddings?

It started when celebrities and high-fashion brands started featuring these dried bunches in fashion shows, features, and Instagram posts. Naturally, anything that has to do with high-street automatically sets trends and, well, you know the rest. 

Mind you, the world has moved on from just having your typical dried lavenders, although lavenders still look amazing. You can now find all sorts of flowers that can be used for just about anything, including a wedding bouquet.

So, here we are, ravishing and agreeing that dried flowers are not only fashionable and grand, but also a practical option if you want to keep these beautiful pieces for a long time. And for bride-to-be’s, this is just another memory you get to keep!

Below are the 10 dried flowers—and many others—you should definitely consider along with 10 of our favorite dried bouquet companies you can buy them from. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for your wedding day!


Hydrangeas are a bunch of small flowers grouped together and can bloom up to 12 inches in diameter. Versatile enough to be the centerpiece or just mere fillers of a huge bouquet of dried flowers.

You can buy a bunch of these at Afloral, where you get a variety of colors from muted blues to bright oranges and pinks. 

Rice Flower

Rice flowers are great fillers and add pops of color to any bouquet. The texture of the stems topped with clusters of colored ball-like flowers add a different kind of touch to your traditional rustic or colorful bouquet. 

This rare kind of dried flower is sold by Terrain in two different colors, blue and white. 


Honestly, you could never go wrong if you opt for Gypsophila. Whether on its own or complimented by a few pops of color here and there, it’s an elegant and classic dried flower that you’ll want to keep for a lifetime. 

You can get it as part of a bouquet from Urban Stems. They let you pick what kind of event you want for your bouquet.

Pampas Grass

Not particularly a flower, Pampas Grass is frequently used in bouquets to add a neutral brown hue with a dash of roughness. It easily compliments all kinds of bouquets, regardless of color or texture. 

Find Pampas Grass bunches on Urban Outfitters for a competitive price. 


Soft and white as snow, Yarrow bunches can be the perfect white flower for you to have on your magical day. These stand out best when combined with muted colors to give it more definition. These also come in a variety of colors: yellow, pink, and red. 

Buy a pretty white Yarrow bunch from Anthorpologie’s catalogue

Bunny Tails 

Veering away from flowers, bridal bouquets now seem to feature more and more Bunny Tails. Whether natural or dyed, this grass type suits bouquets that want to exude elegance with a few dollops of softness. 

Choose between chocolate or natural Bunny Tails from Bloomist’s selection of dried grasses


Leaves are just as important as flowers which is why Eucalyptus leaves have gained much attention, especially for brides who want a rustic type of bouquet. These leaves work as a perfect addition to an already beautiful bunch of Bunny Tails and Baby’s Breath. 

A unique Eucalyptus bouquet offered by Dowsing & Reynolds might just be the addition you’re looking for. 


Smaller flowers tend to dry better than big ones, and Ixodias are a testament to this. These flowers are a top pick by florists who wish to add all sorts of grasses and flowers into one unique bouquet. 

Getting married in November is perfect for this bouquet of Ioxidias, Pampas Grass, and Poppy flowers from Trouva


Dainty as they are, Daisies are perfect for simple, intimate weddings. Oftentimes, these flowers go well on their own but a few florists like to add a few natural Bunny Tails and Gypsophila here and there. 

If you prefer them as is, you can buy a bunch from Oat Cinnamon


They say nothing beats a classic like Lavender. It’s probably the first ever flower that people thought to dry out which is why it still should be one of your options, if you are looking for  something familiar yet elegant. 

Not On the High Street has a few gorgeous options for Lavender bunches if you wish to have choices.