From the smallest, most meaningless kitchen accessories to full-scale appliances and bedroom furniture, IKEA is a great one-stop shopping option for any home needs. Last time we covered 20 of our favorite items, now here’s 20 more!

Oumbarlig Cookware Set

The Oumbarlig is a versatile cookware set that includes 7 pieces of cookware – two pots, a frying pan, a saucepan, and lids (well, more like 4 piece with 3 lids). They’re all 3-layered, 1 layer of aluminum and 2 of stainless steel. At $50, it surely passes off as a great deal.

365+ Glasses

IKEA features 15 oz glass tumblers that are very durable and of good quality. Might be a bit boring too boring to fit into this list, but for 1.2$ a cup, they’re honestly a great deal.

Bekväm Spice Rack

The Bekväm spice rack comes at only $5 in a simple design and natural birch wood. It may be called “spice rack” but the Bekväm is great for books, records, family photos, small plants, and basically any other ideas you may have!


Another simplistic yet great IKEA product is the Frosta stool. It is also made of 100% birch wood, and the stools are stackable, so they’re extremely space-friendly. With its minimal yet elegant design, this furniture comes at just 10 Euros.

Paint the natural birch tops for an even greater product

Antilop Highchair

Perhaps, one of the best things about the Antilop Highchair is that it is relatively inexpensive at only $20. And just as steady as its more expensive counterparts. This baby chair is simple, cheap, and convenient (unless you don’t like assembling).

Kala’s Children Dishes

While we’re at the topic of kids, these affordable children’s dishes will add some color to your kitchen. They are sturdy and durable so you can use them comfortably for a long time. And only 2$ for a 6 pack!

Malm Bed

The Malm bed is a simple and cheap (170$) bed frame with clean lines and a streamlined look. Designers and people who do DIY projects especially love this bed because they can paint and decorate it exactly the way they want to. Be careful though, some people do complain of problems occurring very shortly after their purchase.

Ofelia Vass Duvet Cover

Another great bedroom addition is the Ofelia Vass duvet cover. The textured white covers provide a crisp and clean look. They’re 100% cotton and very easy to wash and maintain. At 40-50$ it’s a steal.

Dvala Duvet Cover

The reason why Dvala duvet cover is on our list is that it is basically wrinkle-resistant, it features fabric with cooling properties that absorbs moisture, and the cotton is also sustainably grown. So for 20$ it’s a great deal.

Throw Pillows

Starting at just $2, IKEA’s throw pillows are very affordable and feature awesome designs for sofas, bedrooms, gardens etc. Our favorites are the Rodarv, Sommaraster, Skogskorn, and Skarvfro.

Sundvik Crib

One of the best things about the Sundvik Crib is its versatility. It can be used both as a baby’s crib and a toddler’s bed. This crib is very durable and stylish along with a reasonable price tag.

Marjun Blackout Curtains

If you are a late morning person, the Marjun blackout curtains would be a perfect buy for you. These curtains are 98” long made with durable polyester that does a great job blocking out light.

Ribba Frames

IKEA has a great collection of picture frames. Their Ribba frames are matte black or white frames that are extremely elegant for their price point.

  1. Rigga Clothes Rack

Super trendy look and a sturdy build, the Rigga is a perfect rack for keeping your shoes and clothes, and they cost only 15$. It also features adjustable height (as seen in the picture).

Farlov Sofa

The Farlov sofa is one of the most comfortable and bang-for-your-buck items at IKEA. It has a really chic design, as well as a removable cover for easy washing and maintenance.

Skaerig Wall Clock

With its elegant royal blue and gold color, the Skaerig clock is an excellent addition to any elegant-style room. Only 15$!

Satsumas Plant Stand

No matter what setting, whether it’s a living-room, bedroom, office, or even your garden (although I’m not sure how durable it is outside), the Satsumas plant stand can be a great addition. This stand is a terrific holder of both real and faux plants. It’s made of bamboo, it looks nice and clean, and it is only 30$

Kallax Shelves

Kallax shelving features the famous cube-shaped shelves. Standing up, laying down. Library, TV stand, or sideboard. The Kallax is absolutely awesome, versatile, and very easy to assemble (speaking from experience). Plus, it’s only about 60$.

Lurvig Pet Bed

Lastly, for all you pet owners out there. IKEA also offers pet products, including the Lurvig pet bed. It’s extremely adorable and resembles a normal couch, it opens up for a bigger surface, and has removable covers for easy washing.