There are so many new ideas and designs for your baby’s nursery that are a far cry from the traditional baby blue and baby pink colors. We are bringing you some awesome, trendy ideas that both the baby and the parents are going to just love!

When deciding on a wonderful design for your baby’s nursery. First and foremost, make sure it is safe then consider if it’s practical and great to look at as your baby continues to grow.

  • Select furniture that works all the way from infancy to their teen years.
  • Select long-lasting washable rugs and fabrics for easy cleaning.
  • Incorporate a light with a dimmer to change the atmosphere of the room as well as allowing you to check in on baby without disturbing them while they are asleep.

When placing furniture, consider safety first as your baby starts to become more mobile. Take a moment and look around the room and locate the wall outlets. You want to find materials to cover the outlets for your baby’s protection. It’s highly recommended that you keep the crib away from window treatments and/or cords and be sure to place breakable items way out of baby’s reach.

You should design the room with plenty of floor space for your child’s playpen or active playtime. Make sure the room is not cluttered with stuff. Have plenty of storage ideas to keep the room clean and giving you plenty of room to move around as your baby starts learning how to walk.

Some Of The Top Picks For Baby Room Ideas:


There are so many new designs for cribs to make the room ultra-modern or ever so unique like selecting an oval crib! When selecting a crib, you might want to think about a design that can go from crib to their first bed, once they’ve outgrown the crib. There are many wonderful designs that will easily convert from a crib to a bed, so check them out.

Also, if you are ordering a crib, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Cribs can be damaged in shipping or possibly you were sent the wrong one. That’s why it’s important to order ahead in case of any unforeseen mishaps.

Choosing Your Colors:


Unless you know ahead of time, you probably will not know if your baby will be a boy or a girl. Pick a color for your nursery that works beautifully for both sexes. As of late, grey has become a super popular color because it works perfectly with a very modern design as well as something very classical. There are so many gorgeous shades of grey, you might want to mix and match for a really wonderful effect!

Try Rich Bold Colors:


Pastels are no longer considered good options for a nursery and are difficult to keep clean and looking great. Many experts believe that the best way to stimulate your baby’s vision is by using white and black stripes or contrasting light and dark colors.

The same can be said about pastel colors used for toys. You might think they are adorable and perfect choices, but they will not visually do anything for your baby. Through different studies, it’s believed that black and white registers better with babies and their retinas. These contrasts seem to send strong signals to a baby’s brain. Therefore, the stronger the signals, the better chances are for greater growth and faster visual development.

If black and white are just not something you find attractive for a nursery, try bold contrasting colors that are used in patterns.

Here are some excellent places to bring in patterns:

  • Wallpapers or murals
  • Fabrics or upholstery
  • Area rugs

Don’t Forget The Ceiling:


Your baby is going to see the ceiling probably more than other areas of the room. Add some contrast or patterns to the ceiling that will delight your newborn.

Motion Is Key:


We all know that babies love being rocked to sleep or just want a soothing experience. There are many very clever ideas to incorporate a soothing fun moment. Try hanging a chair from the ceiling or find the perfect rocking chair that will be great for baby as well as comfortable for you. There are so many different rockers on the market to choose from including contemporary, cottage cute, or classic.

Create A Design That Grows With Your Baby:


Try adding some fun items that will keep your baby entertained. How about a tent or a rocking horse that he or she will grow into as a toddler. Nowadays, there are so many terrific pieces of furniture that can be used for a very long time. Many cribs are designed to convert into a child’s bed and even a simple dresser that has a detachable dressing tabletop!

Take your time and check out as many different styles of furniture that will adapt as your baby grows. Babies grow so fast that if you stay with standard furniture and cribs, you will be spending a great deal of money changing these items out. Instead, concentrate on items that are adaptable and very easy to change around when the time comes.

Stick With Your Nursery Theme When Decorating:


Once you have the perfect theme for the nursery, don’t wander off base, stick with the theme. You can use your theme for the various elements you want to add to the room or walls. You will create a wonderful, well-balanced décor that comes together and will be spectacular!

Bring Your Baby’s Name And Initials Into The Room:


There are many clever and easy ways to bring your baby’s name and initials into the designing and decorating of the nursery.

  • Monograms on their sleepwear and other clothing
  • Monograms on pillows and sheets
  • Framed letters on the wall or for decoration on dresser tops
  • Letters that light up and will also serve as a nightlight

Don’t Forget To Make The Room Comfortable For You As Well:


You will be spending quite a bit of time in the nursery so ensure you will be comfortable watching over your baby while he or she is playing or sleeping. If the room is large enough, bring in a sofa or daybed. If not, consider an oversized chair that will allow you to pass the hours in great comfort.

Plenty Of Storage Is A Necessity:


Let’s face it, there will be so many items and things that your baby is going to need so having plenty of storage is imperative. Bring items into your design that will look great such as a bureau, colorful containers or containers with animal patterns, baskets, and wall cabinets.

Having some well-designed wall shelves to display some of your baby’s cherished keepsakes will add a delightful touch to the nursery while keeping the room from becoming cluttered. Try adding a nice shade of paint to add a bright touch to the wall shelves and give an added boost to the room.

Hopefully, some of these baby room ideas will help you on your way to designing and creating an incredible nursery. This room should be set up to welcome your baby to his or her home in a safe and enjoyable fashion. These tips should get you on your way to create a wonderful atmosphere that both parents and baby will enjoy for a very long time while your baby grows!