Homes come in many shapes, sizes, and designs and that includes their backyards. Not everyone has a sprawling backyard but only limited space. We’ve discovered some wonderful small backyard ideas to turn this space into a reclusive hideaway!

With a little bit of planning and deciding what you want your backyard to transform into you can have a great place to hang out. You want to have a clear picture of what this space will serve as for many years to come. Also, someday, way down the road, you might want to sell your home so you should have a design that will make your property very appealing to new owners.

You possibly have looked at your small backyard and can’t decide what you want to do with it or how to go about turning it around. We’ve come up with ideas that will give you a relaxing environment while being aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Make Your Small Backyard Functional:


Before all else, you want to decide what your backyard’s function will be. If you want to turn this space into a place to dine in the summer then consider adding a table. If your backyard is going to be a place for entertaining family and friends, consider plush seating and even a fire pit! Keep in mind, if your backyard is small, you probably should focus on one main function and build from there. If your backyard allows, you could separate a few areas to serve as different functions.

Most people will start by scanning their backyards as a whole area which will help them understand how much space they have to work with. You should decide where the focal point will be located and then start designing from that point.

Create Your Pathways:


You might want to create a pathway or pathways that lead to the focal point using stones or pavers. If you have decided to divide your backyard up into separate areas, then run paths to each section. Paths are not just convenient and functional for moving around, they should also add to your overall design.

Vertical Landscaping:


Small backyards are not going to give you a lot of space to work with so you might want to look into vertical landscaping which will add the illusion of height. Vertical landscaping will take your eyes upward and make the entire area seem much more spacious.

You should incorporate a variety of plants in different heights to make your space visually enticing and interesting. When considering tall plants look into sprawling ivy or perennials and think hanging plants. Also, bring in shorter plants that can be in planters and creatively stacked or maybe a small flower bed.

The key ingredient is keeping it simple because you do not have a lot of room to work with. If you go overboard in landscaping you will probably become quickly overwhelmed. The last thing you need is a small backyard looking even smaller and cluttered.

Rule of thumb, keep your décor down to a minimum and make sure your lawn is well maintained. If you have personal items lying around, pick them up and store them away. Whether they are your kids’ toys or your toys, it’s important to keep this space neat and clean.