If you are considering updating your bathroom, we’re going to share with you some fantastic bathroom tile ideas to fuel your imagination. Tiling is without a doubt the most used and popular material in bathrooms, particularly due to their incredible durability and easy cleaning.

There are literally thousands of bathroom floor tile ideas to choose from! You will have unending ideas in designing the look you want, colors, textures, patterns, and the list goes on. You can create a new bathroom design that is completely and totally you utilizing just tiles and some minor accessories!

The Most Popular Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas (& More) For 2020:


This idea has been rising in popularity in tile designing and it might just catch your attention, it bridges the gap between bathroom floor tile ideas and wall tile ideas, creating a beautiful harmony. Unique tile design on your wall (matching the floor tile colors) framed with edging tiles for an incredibly lovely look! It doesn’t end there! You can do the same in your shower, over your tub, and then bring another lovely design to your floor. Let your imagination flow and you might just discover why this new design is catching on like wildfire!

Think about combining different styles and colors, it’s easy and you’ll have something that is so uniquely yours. Another idea is to layer tiles with frames, borders, or accents for any area of the bathroom you want.

Always Popular Subway Tiles:

Subway tiles have always been a favorite because they are so incredibly versatile. They can be timeless, classic, or a touch of super modern. Subway tiles come in a huge range of colors, patterns, textures, and materials. You can choose your favorite patterns or colors or be incredibly simple by using white tiles to allow your other designs to stand out!

Another option, after choosing your tiles, consider using a contrasting grout color for a very striking appearance. Subway tiles have been a favorite choice for some time now and there is no sign of them ever disappearing anytime soon!

Mosaic Glass Accent Tiles:


Another great and timeless bathroom tile idea is incorporating an accent to your bathroom tile look. Glass mosaic tiles are one of the easiest ways to add color, a different shape, and a great shine. You can add them to the shower, backsplash, a recessed shelf or just about anything else.

Consider creating a framed look or a complete wall with these gorgeous mosaic tiles. You can pair colors and materials together and create a complete WOW-Look!

How About Large Format Tiles:


One of the best reasons for using large format tiles is that you can cover a large area very quickly and easily. If grout is not really your thing, you can have fewer grout lines and these large tiles will make a smaller bathroom look so much larger! Large-format tiles will add elegance to your bathroom and will give you a beautiful posh look.

More Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas!


Wall tiles are very popular because of their long-lasting nature, they’re easy as heck to clean, and will add style to your much-needed upgraded bathroom. Like all these other tiles, wall tiles will let you create, modern, traditional, contemporary, old-world, whimsical, or just about anything else you can think of.

You might want to create a wall with different patterns or you can keep it as simple as simple can be if that’s more your taste. A new pattern might just give you that traditional look you have been looking for.

How About Your Shower And Tub?


Let’s face it, tiles are used around showers and tubs because they are basically waterproof and cleaning them up is a breeze. Bringing in new tiles will let you turn your boring, overlooked shower and tub into a gorgeous masterpiece. When you decide to upgrade your bathroom with new bathroom tile ideas, do not overlook your shower and tub!

These tiles are just as critical for making your entire plan come together. Just remember, when putting your design together, each area must balance and be a part of the entire look.

Your Bathroom Floor Tiles:


If you are going to change out the walls of your bathroom, this is the ideal time to consider upgrading your bathroom tiles. Consider designing a floor that contrasts the walls with a different color, shape, or material. If you have chosen white tiles for your walls, you might want to play around with a darker floor for a dramatic look!

If your walls are a darker color, consider a striking lighter floor. If this seems a little too drastic for your taste, you can stay with colors that work with your walls but use a different material or shape!

Tiles For Small Bathrooms:


Small bathrooms can sometimes be a challenge but you can turn that little room into something quite spectacular! You can make that space look twice as large by using the same tiles on the floors and walls all the way up to meet the ceiling. You must be very careful if you want to change out to another tile along the way because it might make this small bathroom look even smaller.

If you want to combine tiles and paint to your walls, stay with similar colors to transition from one area to another, smoothly. In your shower area, you should do the same thing by tiling all the way to the ceiling to give the appearance of greater height.

Suggestions For Choosing Tile Colors:


When looking at tiles, it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose what’s right for your bathroom. It can be a little difficult to explain to someone at your tile store just what you want but if they show you several different colors and designs, you’re going to find the perfect tiles for your new bathroom!

Many people prefer to use neutral tones but if you are someone who loves bold and beautiful, you are in luck because there’s something for everyone! If neutral is your taste, combine more than one neutral color such as a soft grey with a lovely shade of white!

If dark or bright colors are your taste, go for it, just create a nice balance between your chosen color by adding a neutral color as well. Before purchasing your tiles, get a few samples and play around with them until you get what you want for your newly upgraded bathroom tiles!

So that’s the list of our favorite bathroom floor tile ideas, as well as advice for wall tiles and more, hopefully we fueled your imagination and you go on creating a beautiful bathroom! Once you do be sure to mail us the picture!