Bay windows are incredible assets for a home.  They have been awing people for many, many years yet most homes do not have this remarkable feature.  Homes that are up for sale that have bay windows, do not stay on the market for a very long time.

If you have recently purchased a condo or a house with a bay window, deciding how to emphasize these glorious bay windows can be a challenge.  Bay windows, unlike other windows, have more of a panoramic view and offer incredible light for your room.

Here are some great ideas for taking advantage of your bay window and make it a focal point to your room.

The Bay Window In Your Dining Room:


A home in Connecticut has been designed with a beautiful custom-made table, antique chairs, and a beautiful shade of blue for the walls to define the breakfast area.  They have added antique chairs and a wonderful window seat with beautiful fabrics.  No there is nothing more appealing and cozy as this dining room!

The Bay Window In Your Work Area:


If your bay window is in your home office, why not have built-in shelves or bookcases on either side of the window?  Add a sofa with a print that accents your walls or a table that fits perfectly with your new built-ins!  Adding just the right touches will turn your bay window into a subject of conversation.

An Elegant Touch To A Bathroom:


The small bathroom was revamped with a beautiful blue peacock color, a sofa that accents the walls, and beautiful pillows to finish the look.  This should give you some great ideas for limited space.



Try taking a card table and turning it into a desk.  The bay window in Switzerland is accented by a lovely French table and chairs.

Your Bay Window In Your Bathroom:


Many people think of bay windows as a design from Victorian times.  In many cases, that’s pretty much fact.  You might want to consider replacing your existing bathtub with one that is a claw-foot. Bring in a rounded curtain for the tub that will accent your custom walls and or drapes.  Find a wonderful floor lamp, like this Tommi Parzinger design, that would look at home in any Victorian home and think about hardwood or tiled floors for the perfect finish.

A Bay Window In A London Powder Room:


This beautiful powder room incorporates a chandelier, a painting, and a bust that fit perfectly on the window pedestal.  Consider the end of the London drawing-room by adding a sofa along with lovely polished-steel side tables, cushions decked in leather cowhide, and a beautiful framed painting that is located near the window.

For your sitting room, install a bench and surround the fireplace with mirrors like this Palm Beach home in Florida.  The designer club chairs, low table, banquette tie everything together.

Even if you cannot afford an 18th-century chandelier, Chippendale chairs placed around an 18th-century mahogany table, this room should give you some incredible ideas to create an amazing look to your room.