IKEA is one of the most well-known brands in the world that manufacture kitchen appliances, home accessories, and furniture. Their products are extremely popular among people of all ages and all backgrounds, from interior designers to college students. One of the main reasons for this is because of its wide range of products. Here are the 20 of the best IKEA products you should buy:

Poang Chair

The Poang is a classic chair designed by Noboru Nakamura, it has a timeless design that looks great in just about any kind of environment. The unique combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles makes the chair a great addition to your living space and even your bedroom. Its durability, affordability, and color options also add to the overall value of the product.

Poang Chair - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Stockholm Rug

Wool rugs are usually very expensive. However, that’s not the case with the Stockholm Rug. This product from IKEA is a flat woven rug with a dimension of 5’7×7’10 that starts at a surprisingly low price of $169. Despite its low price, the quality is amazing, and it makes a great centerpiece for your living room.

Stockholm Rug - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Gulliver Crib

This next product on the list is something that people with young kids at home will love. It is a crib with a classic design that will help your baby sleep safely until they’re ready for a real bed. The product has an almost perfect rating on IKEA’s official website thanks to its sturdiness and easy assembly.

Gulliver Crib - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Eldig Cooktop

The Eldig Cooktop is a budget friendly 30-inch four burner gas that you should definitely own. Customers usually compare it with other products that are almost $100 more expensive. Plus, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Eldig Cooktop - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Slakt Twin Bed with Storage

The Slakt Twin Bed is something that every teenager dreams about. It’s a minimalistic looking bed that comes with a ton of storage space on the side. You can easily store all of your stuff right under your bed without taking up any extra space in your room.

Slakt Twin Bed - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Solbo Table Lamp

The Solbo Table Lamp is one of the most adorable looking LED lamps you will ever find. The light is soft and warm but also not too bright. Most buyers consider it the perfect lamp for children, but it can still look great in just about any room.

Solbo Table Lamp - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Applaro Patio Furniture

If you’re looking to buy outdoor furniture without spending a ton of money, look no further. The Applaro Patio Furniture line from IKEA will have your backyard looking like a million bucks, minus the cost. It’s made using solid acacia wood, and while it’s not the most water resistant material, it will still last a long time provided you take good care of it.

Applaro Patio Furniture - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Billy Bookcase

The Billy Bookcase is one of the best selling IKEA products of all time. Customers love its roomy design and easy assembly. It is also comparatively cheap and comes in different designs and sizes.

Billy Bookcase - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Strandmon Armchair

With a wingback design, the Strandmon Armchair is a classic piece of furniture from IKEA. It comes with a surprisingly low price tag for its high quality and comfort. You can also buy it in different color options and patterns.

Strandmon Chair - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Nisse Folding Chair

A portable folding chair is a must for every household, and the Nisse folding chair is the one to go for. It is extremely stylish for a folding chair and is also quite sturdy despite its lightweight and slim frame.

Nisse Folding Chair - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Torkis Laundry Basket

Made with high quality flexible plastic, the Torkis Laundry Basket has a number of uses. Even though it is a laundry basket, you can use it as a storage bin, recycling bin, or even as a beverage basket.

Torkis Laundry Basket - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Muskot Plant Pot

The Muskot Plant Pot is a great buy for anyone who loves planting. It comes in a wide range of sizes and is also very cheap. The pot has a modern design to it with a clean look that will look great in almost any décor.

Muskot Plant Pot - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Rens Sheepskin

IKEA also sells Rens Sheepskin, which is something you should definitely add to your living room or bedroom. You can use it as a rug or a design piece, and it will instantly make your room much cozier.

Rens Sheepskin - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Trofast Storage

The Trofast Storage is an iconic product from IKEA that can help you organize your kid’s toys more efficiently. The sliding bins come in three different sizes and are highly customizable. It is particularly good at sorting out small toys like Legos and action figures.

Trofast Storage - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Raskog Utility Cart

The Raskog Utility Cart is an extremely versatile product from IKEA. It is a three tier rolling cart that you can use just about anywhere, from your kids’ playroom to your bathroom or even a craft room. It is also extremely durable for its price.

Raskog Utility Cart - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Variera Pot Lid Organizer

This pot lid holder might be a cheap product, but it is one that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. It has an adjustable design, meaning that you can extend it from just 3 inches up to 20 inches. The product does a great job of securing your lids regardless of their size.

Variera Pot Lid Organizer - Best Ikea Products To Buy

SYMFONISK Table Lamp with Speakers

This tech-infused table lamp is another great piece of furniture that perfectly fits your couch or bed. The bottom part of the lamp consists of the Sonos speaker, while the top part has a stylish lamp that illuminates your room with class.

Symfonisk Table Lamp - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Nikkeby 4-Drawer Dresser

The next product is a stylish steel dresser that comes in explosive colors. It could add some style to a kid’s room or maybe provide extra storage in the hallway. If you want something less explosive, you can even go for the neutral gray-green color.

Nikkeby Dresser  - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Docksta Table

The Docksta Table is a clean and simple dining table with a minimalistic design. You can set it up anywhere in your living room, and it will still look great regardless of the décor.

Docksta Table  - Best Ikea Products To Buy

Frakra Bag

You may not see anything special with this blue shopping bag at first glance, but it is actually one of the most iconic products you can buy from IKEA. This reusable bag is not only big enough to carry large items like blankets and pillows, but it is also strong enough to carry heavy items. Some designers even imitated this bag and put a price tag of more than $2k. However, you can get this bag in IKEA at just under $2.

Frakra Bag  - Best Ikea Products To Buy