Few fresh cut flowers offer the elegance and versatility of the calla lily. If you are designing your own wedding bouquet, centerpieces or arrangements, the calla lily will provide all of the style, color, and beauty you require.

The white calla lily is recognized immediately as the traditional wedding flower. For a simple bridal bouquet, tie ten to twelve calla lily stems with floral tape approximately six inches below the flower.

Next, using a ribbon that matches your wedding theme’s color, cover the tape, and tie a simple bow. Your walk down the aisle will exude class and understated sophistication with this beautiful, and simple to make, calla lily wedding bouquet.


If you prefer more color variety in your wedding flower arrangement, consider using the mini calla. A slightly shorter cousin to the standard calla lily, the mini calla offers tremendous color selection and versatility, often available in shades of white, pink, yellow, and red, depending on the season.

Open the palm of your hand and place five standard length, white calla lilies flat in your hand. Arrange the flowers so that the middle flower is the tallest and the others slightly lower, roughly forming an arrow shape.

Next, add eight mini calla lilies of pink, yellow, or red and continue to fill out the arrowhead shape. Gently close the palm of your hand to solidify the wedding bouquet’s shape and tie with floral tape. Finish once again with the ribbon of your choice.

Calla lilies work wonderfully with other fresh cut flowers as well. Roses are a great compliment to a calla lily wedding bouquet or arrangement.

Alternate roses and calla lilies while designing your next wedding bouquet, pose, or nosegay. The differences between the flowers’ shapes and contours will fill out your bridal bouquet, and add depth, dimension, shape, and color.

Once again, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Pink roses and white calla lilies create the soft, pastel atmosphere of fairytales. Green roses and white calla lilies will announce your modern and stylish approach to life, while dark red roses and white calla lilies create a dramatic presentation that will catch the eye of every guest.

Be sure to incorporate calla lilies into your table centerpieces as well. Mini Callas are great for table arrangements that don’t force your guests to stretch their necks over towering designs that block everyone’s view. Plus, with the wide color selection available, you are sure to find the perfect combination for your event’s style and theme.

Calla lilies have much to offer and deserve their place in your next wedding bouquet or fresh cut flower arrangement. With style, elegance, and a variety of colors and sizes, you can’t go wrong.