Chief among complaints expressed by men and women alike is the W word. Wrinkles are caused by all sorts of triggers, from DNA to Mother Nature’s revenge for having too much fun in the sun as a kid. Whatever the cause (or combination of factors), it’s no fun looking into a mirror and fretting over every new line.

If you’d prefer to deal with the kind of wrinkles easily removed with an iron and ironing board and want to avoid the potential to wind up looking like a Shar Pei in your own mind, you have choices.They include plastic surgery, laser treatments and keeping up with every pharmaceutical breakthrough that hits the market. It makes so much more sense to attack the issue naturally by turning to foods known to put wrinkles on hold. Become an expert on the topic of wrinkle-fighting nutrients that cure what’s eating you about the subject of aging and you’ll never go hungry again.

You’re not alone

When New York Post staff reporters tackled the topic of “fear of wrinkles” back in 2017, they were in for a few shocks. “New research reveals the fight against aging is starting younger and younger with one in five young women stressing about wrinkles before they’ve even reached their mid-twenties.”

Research into remedies men and women are using to combat wrinkles reveal that “30 percent of women under 35 regularly use anti-wrinkle products — and this includes one in five women under the age of 24.” Plastic surgery and other pricey and complex remedies have gone mainstream, reaching every demographic, a trend that continues to head north faster than Kim Kardashian’s relationships. Time to reassess and think outside the world of external remedies. The secret to putting wrinkles in a rear view mirror is taking the natural road. It's easier and more enjoyable than you think.

Open your mind and your eyes

Don’t get New York City celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jerrod Frank going on the topic of wrinkles unless you’ve got lots time to spare. He’s somewhat obsessive and proud of it.

Frank advises his patients to avoid “foods that will age you quickly, such as sugar, dairy, white flour, alcohol, and foods with gluten, which are inflammatory." A huge advocate of a Mediterranean diet, Frank recommends these 10 fabulous foods to keep wrinkles at bay and he's in good company.

1. Almonds. Seriously, is there a more perfect food? Almonds taste yummy, pump-up cell membranes and keep skin taut and healthy. Double down on products like almond butter and your skin will thank you big time.

2. Avocados. Another inflammation-fighting, antioxidant-packed super food, avocados short-circuit wrinkle development. The fruit produced by pollination between Type A and Type B avocado trees is especially potent, say University of California agricultural experts.

3. Blueberries. Loaded with antioxidants, these little blue treasures are mightier than they look as they go about fighting the free radicals that are relentless at triggering skin damage. Their berry cousins are also packed with the right nutrients, and they taste good, too.

4. Broccoli. This clever veggie tends to polarize people. You hate it or you love it. But if you are on a mission to prevent wrinkles, you will want to make friends with this fiber-rich food offering all sorts of ant-aging benefits. Saute it in wrinkle-fighting olive oil you will become a fan.  

5. Eggs. If hens knew how valuable their eggs were in the fight against wrinkle development, they might not be willing to give them up. These little treasures contribute to skin elasticity and combat aging. Besides, your mom always told you that good things come in small packages and who can refute that good advice?

6. Lentils. Were you the kid who looked at dishes made with lentils who wound up being summarily sent to your bedroom for refusing to eat this strange-looking legume? You’re grown up now and acknowledge the power of the lentil to keep skin elastic, so those creepy creases don’t sneak up.

7. According to dermatologist Erum N. Ilyas MD, vitamin E found in this oil is off the charts in terms of skin care and feeding, preventing the breakdown of skin collagen that triggers wrinkles in the first place. Use this savory fountain of youth on everything.

8. Salmon. Whether it spawns upstream, downstream or got its start at a fish farm, salmon rocks and for reasons beyond the Omega-3 content that confronts UV ray inflammation and vanquishes it. Also, a factor in collagen health, salmon cooked with olive oil is as close to paradise as it gets.

9. Spinach. What’s behind those wrinkles? Facial muscles that require lots of TLC. By eating lots of spinach you build healthier, plumper skin from the inside out. Stuff your face with a salmon/spinach mix cooked in olive oil and you could hear cherubs singing.

10. Anything with Vitamin C. “Optimize your skin's ability to fend off wrinkles by adding more than just vitamin C-rich foods to your diet,” advises Alexis Paracells, MD. She knew a thing or two about the topic when the board-certified plastic surgeon founded the SUNNIE Wrinkle Reducing Studio.

Dr. Paracells approves of all the wrinkle-reducing food recommendations on this list. You will, too. Don't be surprised if your new diet offers such great results you stop avoiding mirrors like the plague because you really like what you see in those reflections.