Many people like the idea of living in a condo due to many reasons. It is an effective way to manage the city lifestyle because of easy accessibility to the city while keeping the special feeling of a big house, and, condo interior design is super fun.

So yes, condos allow families or individuals to experience city life with its amazing and easy to access the main locations, schools, malls as well while keeping the homey feeling. On the other hand, popular problems are limited room, common layouts, finishes and decorating, which has become a problem for those who are likely to rent or buy a condo.

Worry no more because even you live in a condo with limited space you can draw out the best from it with smart condo interior design ideas. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big condo; there are many chances for grand home improvements which we will cover in this short and sweet guide.

Here are some of the best condo interior design tips to make you small condo a better place to live in:

1. The Traveler’s Home

If you love traveling, a traveler’s home design will work for you. You can display pictures of places you visited and also accentuate it with collected souvenirs.

To obtain a traveler’s home design, focus on earth shades like black, gray and brown. You can buy wallpaper with a map pattern or design. You can also accentuate your working desk with some stones and a few pictures of beautiful places on the pegboard.

2. The Stylish Condo Interior Design

If you want to amaze your guests then a stylish home design is the best choice. This interior design sets apart from the rest with its modern as well as chic look.

A timeless condo interior design is easy to obtain, and you don’t have to spend a lot. You can find stylish accessories online or in the local department stores. Choose bold colors, have lights and fixtures which illuminate the room and never forget to pick glass and polished furniture.

3. Old and Classic Condo Interior Design

Retro & vintage are timeless designs. They can be obtained by using basic vintage wood shades of maroon, brown, earthy green as well as dirty white. Colors of red and orange will also a good choice. Use antique accessories if you have and collected stuff like an old catalog, old typography, etc to your living area. Try avoiding heavy and bulky furnishing which occupies lots of space.

4. Off Prints Design

This is one of the best interior designs you can incorporate in a small condo unit. A touch of fresh zebra bright and colorful polka dot or a plain shade of black and white will surely wow your guests entering your home. Plains and prints are the simplest design and are so easy to achieve. But, make sure to not overdo the prints as it will make your unit too loud and messy.

5. Green Condo Design

This is one of the superb interior design that you apply to your small condo unit. Nature art and/or plants and trees will ease your stress from the busy and crowded streets. But, even if many real estate companies in the suburbs provide locations with this type of panorama, it is hard to find when you’re in the big city.

Worry no more because you can go for options and make with your own green condo. Large windows that allow sunshine in and some plants scattered around as well as nature drawings and maybe hanging plants will surely do the trick.

6. Summer Themed Condo Interior Design


Summer is just around the corner and if you cannot wait for it to come why don’t you spark up your condo interior design with summer tones. Focus on sunshine-inspired and illuminating shades of yellow, orange, pink, red or blue.

7. The Palace Design

You can turn your condo into a palace how much small it is. All you need to do is to be creative, it doesn’t cost a lot to make your condo interior design look splendid and shimmery.

Take benefit of the window space by selecting vibrant and attractive curtains. You can also put gold plated mirrors on your desk. To make the most out of this style, try to incorporate Disney-inspired colors as well as furniture with outlines of patterns, fur, polka dots, and swirls. Don’t limit your choice; you can also opt for bold colors.

8. Hotel California Design

When going to a new place, the best thing about this experience is the comfort of sleeping in a cozy and nice hotel room. You can also feel this experience in your small condo unit. All you have to do is to be creative, opt for dim lights, long curtains, and fresh and calming paint.

9. Glass Condo Interior Design


Glass signifies class. If you love nature, then you have to consider a glass design. Let the sunlight in and let the moonlight hug you at night. This is not just an energy efficient design but it is also stylish, relaxing as well as classy. However, just make sure to install curtains and blinds to block the sunlight once it’s getting too bright or too hot.

10. Plain White


White means pure, simple and preppy. It provides a clean look to a room and at the same time, broadens the look of an area. It is calming and cooler as it releases heat as opposed to darker shades. You can obtain this design by painting walls white or putting adding a white curtain, white furniture, and accessories. However, you can also put other colors to balance the whole area such as gray, navy blue and pastels.

11. Hollywood Design


This is a stereotype of a contemporary design that includes glass and polished materials as the foundation of your room. But, a ceiling made of wood and wood furniture is indeed a classic and timeless home design that also works in this direction.

Adding wooden accessories into your condo interior design, furniture, as well as specialized condo architecture, is surely worthy of your attention. It will make your condo design special, providing a break from modern as well as city living scenery.

Yes, wooden ceilings can be a very good idea. There’s something about them that makes these so classy right off the bat. Sure, there are many interesting options out there, but the sheer fact that you can use wood in this type of situation does tend to pay off a lot.

The possibilities are limitless and the value is indeed there. You just need to find the right approach and let your imagination flow.

12. Gentlemen’s Room


Choose green, red, black and green as a combination of color. Add your personal style as well as materials that show or express your personality such as a poster or a portrait.

13. The Contemporary Family


There are lots of condo interior design ideas online. And most of these designs feature an elegant and smooth look. Polished materials and tone down colors from decors to lights as well as furniture.

14. The Minimalist


Perhaps this is the most timeless interior design so far. To achieve this condo interior design, you don’t need to go for loud or fancy things, just your meek condo unit with an effortless arrangement.

You can setup built-in like hanging bookshelves, hanging lights in order to give you condo architecture a bit of interest. However, it’s also fine to simply leave it be. The most important thing about this interior design idea is to keep things tidy and neat in order to avoid clutter in your space.

15. Sunshine, Coffee as well as Pancakes


Small condo interior design architecture is perfect for coffee-themed interior. You can accentuate your polished wooden table with an antique tease. Just ensure to choose colors or shades that remind you of some good and relaxing coffee morning like white, brown, beige, pink, vintage and don’t forget to include some greens.

16. Bookworm’s Niche


This is ideal for bookworms. You can make your condo an informative place by designing it with books in mind. This home design allows condo owners to organize their reading materials in the order that won’t look like a stack of books in the corner of your condo and to use them to create an appealing and interesting design.

It’s essential to be as prepared and planned as you can be and effective with regards to planning as well as designing your room so you save from wasting your money and time. So make sure to measure everything and get properly made bookshelves.

17.  A Painter’s Gallery


If you are a fan of art in and you like the idea of your favorite pieces as the condo’s framing, this can be a very interesting option for you. Remember that you need to use them wisely, but the value is indeed there and you may want to go in this direction. It’s important to notice the colors and blend them wisely.

18.  White is In


Yes, white is really exciting and it can provide you with plenty of cool ideas. White interiors are great and they provide a sense of uniqueness despite their simplicity. You just need to find the right direction.

The possibilities are there as you can use everything with white and match your personality. Like gold? You can do that! Black, green, pastels, everything works with white. Have fun with it!

19.  Staircase to Heaven


If you have a vertical space, then you need to try using that space to the best of your capabilities. Storage spaces can be great in there and you have the opportunity to make the most of an unused space this way too. It’s a delightful idea and one that will pay off quite a bit in the end.

Of course with every staircase it’s safer (and prettier) to have a railing alongside it, so be sure to check out our stair railing ideas here.

20.  Sweet, Sugar, Candyman!


As you can imagine here, candy-inspired interiors can be great. You can easily choose green, lime, blue, yellow and pink for your décor.. This is a nice and happy way to decorate your room. Remember that color blocks are interesting and exciting, but at the same time, you should make sure to not overdo this.

21.  The Men’s Room


If you are a person that loves and owns many action figures, then you should totally consider this particular idea. The simple fact that you can display your collectibles as a part of your design is easily worth it. Plus, you can easily add posters if you want, be it your favorite shows or bands. Either way, it can be plenty of fun in the end.

22.  A Night Out with Friends


The idea is that you can add a bar-inspired space inside your home is an exciting one. It all comes down to available space and the ideas can be amazing.

23.  The Modern Family


Everyone that wants to retain a cool interior design is to focus on elegance and smoothness. The colors should be toned down and polished materials are great. So, everything from the décor to furniture and lights should be toned down in order to be modern.

24.  The Professional

Of course, tons of people are at work during the day and they do tend to have a place only to sleep, take a bath and rest. In case you are like that, you want a simple interior. A combination of white, brown and dark gray is a very good option.

Combine that with a cozy sofa and with very distinct attention to detail then you will have a very relaxing environment. You don’t have to invest in expensive decor pieces, instead you can save some money and space by purchasing only what you deem necessary!

25.  Slippery Tiles


Tiles aren’t a good idea all the time. However, if you have experience with interior design, you can get some really amazing results. You can be creative, as there are many tile types out there, so the possibilities are indeed limitless.

There are some models that seem to be inspired by painters and other professionals. Usually, the monochrome theme or something even a bit brighter can pay off a lot. But this won’t work all the time. Just choose what seems right to you!

26.  The OC


If you want, you can easily add the OC feel inside your home if you want. The idea is to have an interior that feels tidy and neat. You have to keep some space for bookshelves and make the most of your vertical space too.

Monochromatic colors are the way to go here since you get a very distinct set of visuals most of the time. So, a clean and distinct visual design is what you want to have in the end.

27.  The Simple Ones

minimalist condo design

People love the minimalist approach because it’s easy to get into and it provides lots of value for sure. The idea is simple here, you need to have a focus on necessary, quality products and the results are indeed second to none all the time. You want to mainly focus on decluttering. And in the end, you want to focus on functionality more than anything else.

Let’s face it, every person that lives in any house wants to focus on self-expression, proper space usage and good interior planning. As long as you have all of these. So, try to invest wisely and the results can be amazing. Remember, condo interior design needs to represent yourself first and foremost, so keep that in mind!