People have always said it’s both a blessing and a curse. But with all the advancements that we enjoy today, isn’t the convenience from technology supposed to be all just a blessing?

We’d like to think so, however, a few experts argue otherwise. For those of us who use all forms of technology on a daily basis, we should be a bit worried about toxins that sneakily contribute to aging and may pose a potential health risk.

These are EMFs—electromagnetic fields.

Ever heard of it? 

Well, in this article, we shall walk you through everything you need to know about EMFs, how it’s related to aging, and what you can do to reduce your exposure and all the health risks that come with it.

What You Need to Know About EMFs 

EMF is short for electromagnetic fields—also called radiation. 

These EMFs are produced by electricity. Currently, we’re surrounded by EMFs in the form of electric wires, cellphones, microwaves—everything powered by electricity. 

There are two main categories of EMFs: higher-frequency and low- to mid-frequency. High-frequency EMFs pertain to gamma rays and x-rays, something you get from X-rays and MRIs. On the other hand, low- to mid-frequency EMFs are emitted by electric power lines, microwaves, and electronic devices. 

These devices, as we now know, are essential to daily life, and most of the time, we can’t really move about without using any of them. Needless to say, we’re constantly exposed to low- and mid-frequency EMFs, whether we like it or not.

EMFs, Aging, and How They’re Related

So, how do EMFs and aging relate to each other? Simple, they’re connected by free radicals—an infamous term that has been linked to several, more horrific, health problems, including aging.

EMFs have been linked to the increase in the formation of free radicals within our bodies. 

If free radicals don’t seem familiar to you, these are the molecules within your body that, when uncontrolled, can cause several chronic health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 

Through EMFs, more and more free radicals are produced in the body which can consequently lead to health problems. But don’t worry, our bodies have their own way of protecting themselves.

To fight off free radicals, our body produces substances called antioxidants that help neutralize the presence of free radicals. These antioxidants are responsible for removing all those free radicals, for as long as there is a balance between the two.

Only when there are too many free radicals present for the antioxidants in our body to fight off that health problems and aging start to occur.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

Right now, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed about the domino effect of EMF exposure and you’ve glanced one too many times at all the sources of EMFs in your home. 

But there are countless ways to prevent health problems and aging caused by EMFs. The reduction of exposure to radiation is just one of the many ways, and here are the simple steps you can follow to achieve it:

Don’t Sleep Beside Your Phone

As much as possible, put away your phone when you’re sleeping. Most of us, if not all, are guilty about sleeping with our phones right beside our head or even in our hands.

Just before you’re about to sleep, either put it in a drawer or leave it in another room. That way, you don’t expose yourself to the low-frequency EMFs that come from your phone—and might even get away from the stress that notifications bring. 

Turn off and Unplug Electronic During Bedtime

In relation to the previous point, try turning off and unplugging electronic devices during bedtime. This includes your TV, chargers, and Wi-Fi Routers—but maybe not the refrigerator. 

By unplugging these devices, you’re reducing your exposure to EMFs at your most vulnerable state—when you’re asleep. Surely, you won’t be using these devices when you’re sound asleep, right? 

Opt for Speakers Instead

Wireless, BlueTooth earphones have been getting all the buzz, but it’s not absolutely necessary other than for aesthetics—okay, maybe some for convenience. But if it’s not absolutely necessary for you to use BlueTooth earphones, opt for speakers instead.

Lessen the direct contact of these devices to your body and have a blast through your speakers.

Limit Screen Time for Laptops, Tablets, and Phones

You don’t really need to spend all your leisure time at your table or your phone. Unless you’re on-call 24/7—which can be a reality for others—you can sacrifice a little bit of time away from all those electronic devices. 

This simple act can also get you in touch with yourself and help you de-stress, the traditional way. Go grab a book, take a walk, or even workout every once in a while.


EMFs, on the low-level, are not instantaneously life-threatening to our lives. But they do contribute to the formation of free radicals when uncontrolled, which can lead to serious health problems and internal aging. 

You can simply reduce your exposure by reducing screen time on electronic devices, not sleeping beside your phone, and unplugging electronic devices when asleep.