The turn of the season can be a great time to redecorate your home, especially if you have or aspire to have a farmhouse aesthetic. Something about the warmth and coziness of fall decor pairs wonderfully with the vibe of a family-oriented country home. Let's talk about ways to embrace the fall season while also staying true to farmhouse roots!

1. Warm Colors

One of the defining features of fall is its color scheme. From orange and white pumpkins to red, brown and yellow leaves, the world transforms every year into a rich tapestry of autumn colors, especially on the wide open fields of a farm. How do you incorporate this vivid landscape in your home design? It depends on how far you're willing to go.

Simple: Linens, throw pillows, art prints, decorations, ornaments
Complex: Paint, wallpaper, upholstery, flooring

Any and all of these home elements can be given a colorful, fall-themed makeover.

2. Thick and Cozy Fabrics

Another defining feature of fall is cooler weather, and if you want to embrace the farmhouse look, that means choosing the right linens to keep you warm and comfortable. Flannel is a good choice for fall. It has heft, but it's still lightweight, and its versatility means that it can be used for everything from dining room tablecloths to living room curtains. You can also explore tweed, suede and even corduroy for rugs, towels, bedspreads and couch pillows. As for patterns, plaid is a classic choice, but you can also shake things up with tartan or houndstooth. Another option is mixing different styles together in a patchwork quilt. You could even go for something kitschy-cute with little cartoon owls, acorns and foxes.

3. Wooden Features

Nothing says "country" like wood-based interior design, but how do you shape this essential element for fall? One idea is to use your wooden features as a base for all of your color work. Whether it's a glossy dark mahogany or a light, supple maple, try to match the hues and textures of your wood with appropriate fall colors. Another possibility is adding stylistic wooden touches around the home. For example, you could paint pallets to make wooden box signs, or you could hang lattices and fence pickets to frame vines, flowers or photos. You can also buy wooden furnishings or replace your usual storage containers with wicker baskets and trays.

4. DIY Crafts

The joy and beauty of farmhouse decor is that it isn't expected to be perfect. It's meant to have a homey, just-slightly-crooked charm to give it a sense of authenticity. This means that you can't go wrong with DIY crafts in your home decor. Even if you aren't a master crafter, it'll still look cute and quaint. Here are just a few ideas for fall farmhouse crafts:

  • Painted pumpkins
  • Mason jar candles or tea lights
  • Knitted coasters
  • Hanging chalkboard messages
  • Apple or pine cone wreaths
  • Hand-cut letters hanging on twine and spelling out words like "home," "family" or "fall"

5. Distressed Metal

Wood isn't the only material that goes hand-in-hand with a farmhouse aesthetic. Metal can also bring to mind the various tools of the trade and the rustic lifestyle that requires them. The trick for utilizing metal in a country home is to make it distressed metal. You'll want to avoid the spotless chrome of fancy houses and instead go for the "lived-in" look of beat-up tin or rustic aluminum. Some ideas for metal home decor in the fall: hanging signs, wire trays to hold gourds and cornucopias, galvanized buckets used as planters.

6. Seasonal Plants

Bring the farm indoors when you display beautiful and seasonal florals that only bloom from August - November.

Late summer and early fall: Helenium autumnale, also known as the Helenium Salsa, has a bright array of red and orange-red sunflowers.
Early to mid-fall: Autumn Joy is a pretty and surprisingly delicate stonecrop with buds that change from pastel pink to faded copper throughout the season.
Late fall: Goldenrods have green leaves and tiny clusters of yellow flowers that are all the more brilliant for the fact that they bloom in late fall after everything else is gone.

You might also consider trimming leaves and branches from other fall favorites such as the Autumn Spire Red Maple and the brilliantly yellow Ginkgo.

7. Decorations

Last but not least, if you're just looking for simple ways to redecorate your farmhouse for fall, add some decorative elements to your living space. It could be a centerpiece for your dining room table made from leaves, seeds, acorns or grain stalks. It could be a wrapped or painted pumpkin sitting on your porch. It could be a scattering of fall-themed trinkets above the fireplace; it could be bouquets of autumn flowers on your side tables; it could be artwork of fall landscapes lining a gallery wall. There's no "one size fits all" method for fall farmhouse decor. If you find inspiration somewhere, embrace it! This is how you'll create a warm, welcoming home as well as a beautifully designed space that shows off your creative chops for the season.