Famous models, like the Hadid sisters, made this look runway-approved and celebrities just had to wear it to red carpets events. Did you see how Kim Kardashian rocked this look at the VMAs? 

The way this out-of-the-shower-but-high fashion freshness screams high-maintenance has got people thinking about if they can pull it off without the help of Hollywood stylists and expensive products. 

Is it possible to D-I-Y high-fashion looks without the high price tag that comes with it?

Experts will loudly scream yes! 

In this article, we’ll elaborate on the open secrets of nailing one of the most popular styles right now, in the comfort of your own dresser. 

Get ready to recreate this coveted look!

What You Need

Just like recipes, hairstyles have a specific set of ingredients needed to achieve the perfect look. 

While these recipes might use expensive items you can barely afford, there will always be alternatives that won’t take all your money—and hairstylists won’t shy away from telling you this. 

First, you need a towel to dry your hair and a wide-tooth comb; don’t worry, we’ll explain how to use them in the next section.

Next up are the products that you need. 

Cesar Ramirez—a hair stylist of Kim Kardashian—says that the secret to this hairstyle is not water, but loads and loads of wax and gel. The look can be deceiving but the overall appeal of it is all thanks to products, not water.

Other stylists suggest a combination of gel and cream. The combination gives you a wet-not-greasy, slightly crunchy look that this style is known for. 

Among these two combinations, just figure out what works for you and your budget. It’s worth noting that you should find high-quality gels, wax, and cream. If you wish to avoid products that can damage your hair, opt for silicone-free ones.

Styling to Get that High-Fashion Wet Hair Look

Considering that people raved about this look, there are a lot of different approaches to achieve it. But the steps below are part of the process that we consider to be the easiest way to achieve it. 

It’s pretty straightforward, but it might have a learning curve especially with the amount of products you would need to use. 

Regardless, here are the steps:

1. Start with damp hair

Ideally, your hair should be damp, not dripping. This is key, people. 

Damp hair absorbs products better; dripping wet hair only dilutes and wastes products as you style. After all, the style didn’t come to life because of its wetness.

You can opt to wash your hair prior and dry it until it’s 60% dry or you can just spray days-old hair with water, making sure you don’t over-do it. Whichever method you prefer, use your towel to control the wetness. 

2. Comb Out Your Hair

Once you’ve achieved the ideal dampness, comb out your hair to evenly distribute water and create that freshly combed look that you see on celebs and models.

Those of you with curly hair can use a brush to just loosen the waves and lessen the volume. Just avoid using mousse or a setting product so you don’t ruin the look with crispy roots and dry ends. 

3. Decide on a Style

Are you going for that slick-straight wet look? Or the disheveled look? Decide on a style and set your hair accordingly. 

If you’re going for a slicked back look, make sure to comb your hair straight. For those wanting a disheveled look, your styling comes after applying the product. 

5. Apply Product 

Regardless of what you’re using, mix equal parts together. 

That means equal parts of gel, wax, or cream. For fine hair, use a dime-sized amount of your mixture. For thick hair, use a quarter-size amount. 

Using too much will give you a clumpy mess, and too little will barely give you a wet look at all. Start with a small amount, only adding small dollops at a time, careful not to add too much. 

When applying, you should keep in mind that your hair should be coated; again, coated. You’re not going to make it wet with products, just coated. 

As we’ve mentioned, those wanting to achieve an out-of-the-shower, towel-dried look should style their hair here. Just simply scrunch and tousle your hair mid-length the way you would when you towel-dry. 

Don’t overdo it or else you’ll end up with curls—unless that’s the look you want. 

If you wish to add more wetness, just spritz a bit of water, remembering not to over-dampen your hair. 

6. Wear It Confidently

It can feel intimidating that you’re wearing a look often seen on runways, but the thing about high-fashion styles is that you have to wear them, not the other way around. 

Feel confident with how you styled it. 

While this could need a bit more practice, what’s important is that you feel comfortable and happy with the outcome.