The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the worldwide events that no one saw coming. Who would’ve thought that we’d all be working from home, advised to stay inside as much as possible? 

This year, plenty of us struggled to make ends meet because of the lockdowns which is why so many others looked for lucrative side hustles. And while it doesn’t seem like you would bring in thousands of dollars each month, they still managed to earn profits that made their lives easier. 

If you’re curious, here are the 5 Side Hustles to help with COVID-related financial issues you’ve experienced the past year. 


You might have been an office worker all your life so freelancing would sound a bit absurd. But hear us out, even before the pandemic happened, people were already hustling and making tons of money from freelancing alone. 

Freelancing doesn’t necessarily pertain to one kind of skill. 

For others, this could also mean monetizing a hobby or a skill you’ve learned over the years—so don’t worry. You could also look up the top freelancing gigs in the market today. Some of these are related to IT, writing, and even social media marketing.

Find a skill that you’re good at and check out if you can gain clients for this skill. On top of that, learn how to market it or apply to job sites that are looking for freelancers. Don’t be fooled by low rates if you can offer premium services. 

Selling Your Own Product

Your family might have a secret recipe that everybody loves or perhaps, you have a product that’s relatively easy to make and in demand. 

A lot of people have explored making and selling their own products to become profitable. You can be one of those people. Look for a product that you can mass produce without spending too much of your own money. Once you start gaining profit, that’s the time that you can scale up your production. 

Don’t worry about your selling platform as there are a lot of ways to help you do it. You have the Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, or even just your social media accounts. Just forget to be responsible about your production and profits.

Starting A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping has been the rising star since time immemorial because of how lucrative it is. If you don’t want to create your own products and, at the same time, help other businesses, this might be the side hustle for you. 

Dropshipping is just simply an online business model where you partner with a business to create and ship products for you—meaning zero inventory on your part. All it actually needs is a website or an online store with a system to keep the business running. 

You only need to find the right product that would sell for this business to work. It’s low-risk and highly profitable should you have a product that people would go crazy to buy. 

Be fairly warned though, this isn’t the easiest thing to set up and manage for those who aren’t keen on studying how to make it work. So, read up best practices before you start your own!

Delivering Food

Don’t be so surprised that delivering food is a profitable side hustle. Considering that people are always indoors nowadays, they’re inclined to keep on ordering food whenever they want. Obviously, ordering food is a safer option than getting exposed. 

UberEats and DoorDash are two of the most popular delivery options for people when it comes to convenience and reliability. Apply to these applications and be a delivery guy yourself. 

To convince you further, this side hustle has flexible schedules even during weekdays and peak hours. Those who gave this a shot reportedly earned as much as $18 per hour—quite a lot, right? 

Just be mindful about the job’s safety and make sure you stay protected at all times. 

Teaching A Course Online

You might have seen an ad—or two—about online courses and disregarded them. But others, who have plenty of time and interest to spare, have been clicking on those and giving its creators a considerable amount of profit. 

Online courses are desirable these days because they’re helpful in teaching people skills or subjects that are challenging to learn. Think about a topic or a skill that you’re good at and if it’s one thing that people want to learn. 

From there, think about whether or not you can break it down into much simpler concepts that people can easily understand. Once you do, convert that into an online course so that you can sell it and make money from it. 

However, just make sure that your online course has desirable and appealing materials that people would want to buy.