Sure, you might have online meetings and conferences here and there, but do you really need that new dress that’s perfect for a party? Or those jeans that would look Instagrammable during a family trip? We know you know the right answer to those questions—and it’s a no, by the way. 

Take a good look at the contents of your closet. The clothes that you have right now are more than enough, and it only takes a few glances on moodboards to spruce up seasons-old—or perhaps, decades-old—items. As to how, we’re going to walk you through it.

Don’t worry, there are still a few recommendations of clothes for you to buy, if you must, but only the reasonable ones from the stores we trust. 

How to Spruce Up Your Old—but Gold—Clothes

Let’s face it...the reasons why you want to buy new clothes are either because it excites you to think you’re going to wear it once lockdowns calm down, or you see a lot of people doing at-home shopping. You don’t really need new clothes, not when you’re just going to work from home most days. 

There are several ways to spruce up your old-but-gold clothes that don’t involve much spending on your part, just a little creativity. 

Browse through Pinterest 

You might have pieces you no longer use because they’re not trendy anymore, or perhaps you just simply don’t know how to style them. 

Pinterest is here to save you. So many people, with their respective blogs and social media accounts, post millions of outfits each day and these outfits always look dashing. 

Use keywords, like mom jeans or trousers, and pair it with the word “outfit”; in just a few seconds, you’ll be flooded with different outfits featuring that exact piece. You can also use it for colors or styles that you can think of. 

Pinterest is a gold mine not just for recipes or pretty pictures, but also for fashion inspiration. 

Upcycle Your Clothes 

Okay, maybe this might cost a few dollars or so, but can also be treated as an investment. 

Upcycling is one of the most ethical things you can do, especially when it comes to fashion. The fashion industry is known to be one of the biggest contributors to waste, so it would be nice if you could lessen your own.  Think of it as reducing your carbon footprint in the fashion world.

YouTube is a great place to look for ways to upcycle different clothes and make them trendy. You could either change a few buttons, dye your clothes a different color, or simply use the textile for a new type of clothing—think of making a dress into a top and shorts that coordinate. 

You could also relate this to the previous point and look up Pinterest for more inspiration. You don’t actually need new dresses if you have old ones you can spruce up. 

Forget about Trends

Here’s the thing...trends are only trends because marketers are really good at what they do.

To avoid feeling like you’re out of fashion, just simply decide on your style and stick to it. This means you no longer have to chase the newest style in town, or that pair of shoes that everybody’s been buying. 

Don’t feel pressured by anything and just do you.  Being yourself will give you the confidence that even the most amazing trendy outfit won’t.

Where to Find the Best At-Home Fashion

I know we said you don’t need to buy new clothes, and you don’t really have to.

This is if—and only if—you’ve done a thorough run through of your closet and have objectively decided that you don’t have enough. Either most of your clothes have holes in them or they no longer fit.  Or both.

With that, and the work-from-home setup in mind, here are the shops that you could buy the best at-home fashion from. The items they have here aren’t just ideal for in-house lounging, but also for the outside world.


Built on having super simple, yet ridiculously comfortable fashion and home products, Brooklinen is all about top-quality materials for comfort. 

They have loungewear for both men and women, each being super simple, yet classy and chic. These items are perfect for laid-back outfits that have you looking expensive without breaking the bank. 


Soma is a shop that’s all about fashion and function. You don’t have to worry about one being lesser than the other because a perfect balance is achieved every time. 

Not only do they have comfortable and fashionable loungewear, you can also buy underwear, swimwear, and sleepwear from this brand. 


If you want to aim for that athleisure style, Alo is the answer. Who said you can’t make loungewear and workouts meet halfway? 

From joggers to dresses, there’s nothing you can’t find here. Men and women can both enjoy a wide variety of clothes to choose from, depending on the styles they prefer.