Gray bedrooms are modern and clean. A bedroom is a space that is considered a private haven, provides shelter from the storms of life, and should reflect your very personal taste and style. Whether you are looking for sleek and retro or classic and cozy, this is your very special space and should reflect the mood you are trying to create.

If you are looking to add brightness and whimsical, try choosing different colors to add pop. If you want comfort and cozy, you might choose more subtle colors for sleeping the night away. Hint – start with the color grey! There are so many colors and shades to choose from and we are going to give you some great ideas.

Grey is probably one of the most underrated, overlooked colors that should be brought to the front of the line. Using different shades of gray can add light and roomy or elegant and polished. We’re going to cover some absolutely amazing designs using gray shades that are stunning. Here are some visually beautiful grey bedroom designs and shows how grey works perfectly with other colors.

Not that long ago, most people choose light tan and beige along with accents in a slightly darker shade for the bedroom remolding or design ideas. Grey was considered strictly taboo! It was believed to be too dark, too cold, and, quite frankly, too dismal which was totally not so. Today, grey has taken its rightful position in room designing that will work with just about any designing ideas you might have in mind.

Grey is a very flexible color that can add elegance to a room or something quite playful when in combination with other colors. Designers, worldwide, are now using grey as their neutral color of choice and discovering how wonderfully a bedroom will come together when starting with the perfect color.

Grey With A Splash Of Red:


Because grey works with just about every color under the sun, why not add a splash of red such a throw pillow, a wall decoration, or a throw? Don’t get too crazy and add too much red or it will make your room feel confusing.

A splash of red here and there, a throw rug in a different color, and some art could give you all you need to create a very polished room. This particular space offers a French design with various shades of grey which speaks volumes of sophistication and tranquility. One simple red pillow and a few red flowers are all it takes!

A Formal Bedroom:


Using your shades of grey as your foundation, you can incorporate other colors in your furnishings such as a chair, a rug, a pillow, and virtually anything else in the room. The more combination of colors, the more playful while splashes of color will add more sophistication. Pink is a color that has been used for many years along with grey.

Combining grey and pink can add a very soft, cozy environment and proves once and for all that pink is not just for girls! Where a splash of red adds a dramatic touch, pink offers calm.

Simple And Easy Designing:


Taking a mattress and placing it in the middle of the room with a set of beautifully designed sheets, and just the right wall color will make this room stand out from the crowd. Beautiful can be very simple to create.

Grey And Mirrors:


A really clever design uses grey for the walls and incorporates mirrors on the headboard. If that isn’t our cup of tea, how about a mirror strategically located on one of your walls to add depth and size to your room.

Another Thought:


Try a wonderful grey shade on your walls and a plain headboard with a lovely print. The windows in this bedroom have all been repaired and face out toward the backyard veranda.

For The Vintage Look:


Taking an old wooden dining table and storage hutch turns this lovely bedroom into something that feels old-fashioned and comfortable. The colors of the bedroom are grey and yellow and a chosen pattern for the sheets and other items in the room make this small bedroom look magnificent.

A Touch Of Class:


This design offers a very classic look to this bedroom. The Duvet cover can be a print that offers a burst of color for this diversified area.

Think Grey:


As you can see, grey is a magnificent color that works with every other color under the sun. Add incredible light with softer shades of grey or add depth with accents of a darker grey. Grey is so flexible and has been overlooked for way too long. Find the perfect shade for your project, the end result will be magnificent!