Grey is often considered a really dull color to try and work with. Despite that common misconception, Grey bathrooms are usually feel very clean, elegant, and stylish. Grey also works with just about any color because it’s so neutral!

The Grey And White Bathroom.

grey bathroom

The combination of Grey and white for your bathroom is such an incredible combination and it’s very versatile. If you’re looking for ideas for redesigning your bathroom, try starting off with a neutral color such as Grey and/or white, then adding on to that according to your taste.

Grey and white are really easy to work with and will open up a field of designing ideas. Grey has always been underrated but just consider how versatile it is with so many other shades of Grey or White. If you work with Grey, all your other bathroom components can take center stage and everything will work beautifully together.

Inexpensive And Beautiful White And Grey Bathroom.


This beautiful design can be created on a budget. The Grey tiles are actually very inexpensive as well as the quartz countertop versus marble or granite. Add a framed mirror to make the room looks larger and the ceiling look higher.

A Beach Design Grey Bathroom.


If your taste runs toward traditional and soft, pick a pale Grey to work with. To create a beach look, add a soft gold, a sandy beige, and a gorgeous navy blue! Go to your local home supply center and find the finish that fits your taste, such as this brushed nickel faucet!

The White And Grey Farmhouse Bathroom.


Your farmhouse probably has a certain rustic charm so why not your bath? Try a wonderful eggshell white for your walls and a beautiful Grey vanity for an excellent contrast. Get really creative and offer exposed piping and white wood. This lovely bathroom will fit perfectly into your farmhouse theme.

Your White And Grey Master Bathroom.


If your master bathroom is small, it can still be really comfortable and very stylish. You might want to consider this bronze wall color and beautiful imitation marble porcelain floor. Choose artwork that is gender-neutral.

For a modern look to your bath, choose clean lines, add plenty of lighting and good storage space for all family members and create a modern white and Grey master bathroom. As here, look at various kitchen countertops at your local home supply center such as this lovely granite design. Play around to create a wonderful balance between light and dark for an incredible contrast.

Ornate In White And Grey Bathrooms.


If your dream is for a very luxurious bathroom, consider a mirror framed in bleached driftwood, a mosaic marble flooring, and beautiful large marble tiles in your shower area. The texture of the flooring with the tiles in your shower will bring your bathroom to life! The mirror will add height and width to the entire room and will be the focal point.

A Simple White And Grey Bathroom.


This design idea is very flexible for the entire family and is not too masculine or feminine. It brings a beautiful balance of white and Grey for a welcoming look. Choose a color pattern that is neutral for your tiles such as this brushed gray tile that combines both gray and white and gives a concrete feeling. You might want to consider a rounded mirror to contrast the square tiles.

Add Brightness To Your Bathroom.


Grey is a wonderful color to combine with yellow for a beautiful sunny look. Using Grey will keep the yellow color from becoming too overbearing. This combination adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom and for a master bathroom, it’s not too feminine or masculine. If you have a window, try adding a lovely window seat!

Add A Patterned Wallpaper To Your White And Grey Bathroom.


As with this design, have a light marble countertop which will nicely contrast the Grey wallpaper in your bathroom. If you are replacing your counter, incorporate a overmount sink for height that is also deeper than a vessel sink. A vessel sink sits on top of the counter or some are designed to partially recess into the counter, but the basin is shallower. Add white paneling to accentuate the Grey wallpaper.

Create A Modern-Vintage Bathroom.


This bathroom design is stunning thanks to the combination of Grey, white, black, and wood. Add a stainless glass window which will be the central attraction. You might want to try a hanging light in the center of the window adding an incredible contrast between its curvature and the window’s rectangular shape.

The Apartment White And Grey Bathroom.


This simple gray, three-drawer vanity with a white stone counter is perfect for this bathroom and is the center of attraction. Add acrylic feces and a beveled mirror which will finish off the entire modern look to this room.

Grey Tiles And White Bathroom.


The incredible blend of the dark Grey tile to the white bathroom is stunning! Adding the black wood countertop to the white vanity brings a perfect balance to the tiled wall and the rest of the bathroom. A few little blossoms give a natural welcoming touch!

The Large White And Grey Bathroom.


The pale Grey walls are provided by Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine. Use layers of white and Grey to produce a remarkable, timeless look. The traditional marble tiles contrast the beautiful, pure white porcelain freestanding tub.

Victorian White And Grey Bathroom.


You can create the Victorian look you want while still having modern features. The freestanding tub and timber paneling work perfectly with the tankless commode and floating sink. Add a wall shelf for storage and tons of mirrors and lights for a modern feel.

The Modern White And Grey Bathroom.


This very different looking bathroom features a clean-cut wood countertop, black accents, frameless mirror along with grey tiles and a grey basket. The entire look is very contemporary.

Checkerboard Flooring For Your White And Grey Bathroom.


The checkerboard floor provides a retro look along with the Grey wood tiling for harmony. The large sink and mirror along with the art piece are definitely the focal point of this amazing bathroom.

The White And Grey Cottage Bathroom.


This is a large, beautifully lit bathroom is designed with modern light fixtures, a combination of wood and grey tiling, marble flooring, and bordering mirrors. The very light Grey shiplap wall paneling and retro fixtures add a wonderful nostalgic touch.

White And Grey French Bathrooms.


Adding a French-style mirror on the wall along with a French-style window adds a very unique look for your bathroom. The design is very roomy for the very unique clawfoot bathtub and offers a very luxurious and inviting atmosphere along with its expansive marble flooring.

Your Child’s White And Grey Bathroom.


This cute bathroom features tool Grey walls and an eco-friendly look. The graphic shower curtains add a child-friendly touch and mirrors that receive light from the window will make the room seem even larger.