There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to give you a much needed jolt in the morning. 

A few may prefer sugar- and creamer-free coffee, but some may just want that sweet, milky addition to make their mornings even brighter. To this we say, to each their own. 

But fair consideration: although we respect preferences, we care about your health which is why we’re out here writing an article about one not-so-magical ingredient to give you that milky-smooth coffee.

The coffee creamer.

It’s not really the most harmful product out there—but like what they say, some things just tend to start out small. In this case, one too many cute sachets of coffee creamers. 

How bad is it for you? Read on to know more about the secret dangers of coffee creamers and healthy alternatives you can replace it with. 

Why Coffee Creamers are Bad

There’s no other way of saying it: these small, harmless-looking coffee creamers are actually bad for you. These coffee creamers are packed with sugar, oil, and thickeners that have their own sets of problems and issues. 

And we owe it to you to dive further and explain just what makes coffee creamers bad.

Loaded with Trans Fat

For ones advertised to have zero dairy, don’t be surprised to find out that they’re loaded with unhealthy trans fat in the form of oil just so you can have that milky, creamy texture. 

And we all know that ingesting a lot of trans fat inevitably leads to the accumulation of bad cholesterol in your body. 

More bad cholesterol = high risks of heart diseases or stroke. 

Contains Artificial Sweeteners 

Another reason why they’re worth avoiding is that instead of opting for traditional sugars, they go for artificial sweeteners to keep up with being “sugar-free”. 

To note, artificial sweeteners have been studied for years now and were found to cause weight, brain tumors, bladder cancers, and a lot of heart-stopping diseases we don’t really want to talk about. 

Sure, you get to save a few calories or so, but is it worth swapping for artificial sweeteners that expose you to those risks? 

May Trigger Allergies

If you opt for coffee creamers because you’re lactose intolerant, then you might want to think again. 

Dairy-free creamers sometimes contain casein, which is a milk protein. Although it’s written on the ingredients list, it’s not common knowledge—even we were surprised! 

Casein, as we’ve mentioned, is actually a slow-digesting dairy protein that when ingested on a daily basis, can be extremely bad for lactose-intolerant coffee drinkers. 

Our suggestion? Read the label and make sure that you know every single ingredient on that list. 

Swap Your Creamer for These Products 

We’ve butchered this magical-turned-horrible additive and it might seem that there won’t be any perfect replacement. 

But chin up, there are some substitutes that go surprisingly well with coffee. You might even love these more than your previous creamer in no time. 

Of course, let’s consider a little adjustment period as transition periods don’t happen instantly. However, once you commit to omitting that creamer from your coffee—and your life—you’ll thank yourself for starting as soon as you can. 

Ready to swap it out? Here are some alternatives for you to check out!

Vanilla Extract 

Okay, hear us out. 

We’ve seen this ingredient being used in so many different recipes, which makes it less surprising that it goes well with coffee! French Vanilla is already a thing but you could always get away with just one or two drops of pure vanilla extract instead. 

Not only are you going to get such an aromatic morning, you’ll also drink your own homemade vanilla coffee.


This one, we know you’d like.

It’s already quite a common practice to add cocoa powder into coffee which is why we urge—force would be too big of a word—to try it. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can swap that cocoa powder for chocolate chips, shavings, or syrup! Of course, go for ones that are almost like pure chocolate to ensure they’re healthy alternatives as well. 


Are you a fan of cinnamon? Yes? Then give this healthy alternative a try. 

That java fix in the morning might need a pinch or two of cinnamon to make it even more flavorful. Instead of adding sugar, this can already serve as the perfect sweetener and flavor in one. 

What’s even more surprising is that it doesn’t contain too much calories. So even if you go crazy—we trust that you won’t—you’ll be fine.