The good news is that you don't have to spend your life in monotony. It's easy to shake things up, and it's good for you, too. Studies have shown that even simple changes of scenery can lead to mental health benefits like improved moods and increased cognitive functioning for focus and memory. So, how can you apply this transformative mindset to your living space? How can you create a home that inspires you to live your very best life? Let's find out!


It's time to unleash your Marie Kondo. When's the last time that you cleaned out your desk drawers? How long has it been since you've decluttered your shelves, tables and countertops? Here are just a few ways to reorganize your home:

  • Buy desk and drawer organizers to give everything its own "place"
  • Utilize vertical space to decorate your walls and free up shelves and tables at the same time
  • Invest in modular furniture that allows you to stow away parts not in use
  • Install open cabinets that won't let you hide clutter

Reorganizing your space is about more than just cleaning. You can dust things off anytime. When you reorganize, you make positive, impactful changes that will influence your future productivity for the better.

Paint Your Walls

It might sound simple, but a fresh coat of paint on the walls can really change the atmosphere of a room, especially if you utilize color psychology. Color psychology is the way that colors can impact everything from our moods to our decision-making powers. Red, for example, is the color of passion, excitement, danger and other things that get our heart racing. Meanwhile, blue is a soft, soothing color that's frequently used in waiting rooms to create a sense of timelessness. In your home, you'll want the paint of any given room to reflect the emotion and purpose that you're cultivating in the space. Playrooms might get yellow walls to promote good cheer; home offices might get purple or crimson to stimulate the brain. Another option if you don't want to paint the whole room with an exotic color: contrast white walls with shelves, doors, tables, window dressings or wallpapered sections in your chosen hue.

Add a Natural Touch

There's nothing like a breath of fresh air to invigorate you, and plants can give you some of this clean, healthy energy without actually forcing you outdoors. There are even houseplants that can improve your indoor air quality by breaking down toxins and odors! The trick to displaying houseplants is to think outside of the box. Vases can be stylish, but they're far from the only option that you have for showing off pretty flowers. For example, how about hanging your plants in baskets? How about creating a shelf for your bamboo or bonsai trees? Would your succulents look even cuter in pots and planters with unique shapes? Do you have any empty jars, glasses or fishbowls that you can DIY into flower containers? Don't be afraid to get creative with your nature displays. In fact, the more creative you get, the more that you can be empowered by your own skill and imagination every time you look at them. You can create a positive feedback loop where you become your own source of inspiration.

Incorporate Art

Art has long been recognized for its ability to inspire. That said, you don't have to hang watercolors from long-dead painters if that isn't your style. You can use all kinds of visuals to galvanize you, including:

  • Photographs of friends and family
  • Postcards from places that you've traveled or want to travel to
  • Motivational art prints
  • Wooden block signs or decorated slats
  • Stained glass
  • Big, bold tapestries
  • Elegant calligraphy scrolls

    There are countless ways to display your artwork, too. You can arrange them on a single gallery wall, or you can spread them out in stylishly asymmetric ways. You can mount them high or low. You can prop them up on tables and desks. Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to art in interior design. You can be your own visionary. There's no right or wrong way for images to move you.

Rearrange Your Furniture

This is another quick and easy change that can have a dramatic impact on your living space. For starters, it'll trick your brain into seeing a brand new room. The old, well-worn grooves within your mind, the ones that say "this is where my table goes" or "my mirror is to the left," will suddenly have to stop in their tracks and readjust. It'll make you feel like you're somewhere fresh and exciting. You can also benefit by rearranging your furniture in a productive way. For example, you might position your desk to get more natural light as you work, or you might incorporate elements of vastu shastra or feng shui to draw more energy into the space as a whole. Long story short, don't underestimate the power of dragging that dresser somewhere new.

Add a Scent or Fragrance

Good interior design draws on all of the senses to create engaging spaces. It isn't just visual or tactile. It also involves the nose. So, which scents are the most appealing to you? Which scents can energize you in the morning or wind you down at night? Science has done some of the work for us: There's been plenty of research into essential oils and the physical and psychological benefits that they can provide. You can find similar studies on aromatherapy, too. Outside of essential oils, there are also candles, incense, air fresheners and wax melts that can release nice fragrances in the air.

Create a Motivational Shrine

Last but certainly not least, if you want a daily dose of motivation, create a "shrine" that you can look at whenever you feel like faltering. You can build it however you'd like. Some people put inspirational quotes or pictures on their walls; others scatter around knickknacks with special meaning to them. Others still might just have a photo of a loved one who keeps them going. Another idea is to create a purposeful space that will keep you feeling focused and organized. If it's a home office, for example, you might have a corner with all of your clocks, calendars and daily planners to give you determination as you work. Ultimately, the significance of your shrine is up to you. It only matters that you have it. We all stumble sometimes, and when that happens, it's important to have a touchstone to pick you back up. These are just a few ways to transform your interior design. Whether you're redecorating a yoga studio or building an entire home office from scratch, you'll want to create an inspiring space where you can channel your energy into positive, productive pursuits. Good luck!