If you have been looking around at your kitchen and have decided it’s time for a makeover, here are some great ideas to check out.  Maybe you need more counter space or better storage, you should consider installing a kitchen island.  Even if your kitchen is small, there’s a kitchen island with your name on it!

Include Bookshelves

Kitchen Island Ideas

If you are someone who has been collecting cookbooks forever but are now coming out your ears, you need a kitchen island with bookshelves.  This is the perfect solution for storing and protecting your collection of cookbooks.  If you are handy at building things and have a good-sized kitchen, you can build a bookshelf for a homey look.

Use Something Old:


Where space is limited, grab an old dresser and turn it into a small kitchen island.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there is practically no construction involved but it can add a great new look to your kitchen.  Your dresser should have deep drawers and possibly some nice details to add to the look of your new kitchen.

Place Appliances In Your Kitchen Island:


Kitchen islands are perfect for placing your microwave, a wine rack, and even a dishwasher. You will save a great deal of space.  This is also a perfect solution if you have minimal counter space.  There are even kitchen islands that have a space for a sink installation which will allow you to mingle with others while cleaning up your dishes.

Added Seating:


A good way to solve the problem of a kitchen that has depth problems making it difficult to add seating, you can extend the width of the island for better seating.  Check out these small kitchen space-saving ideas.

Several Levels In Kitchen Islands:


With several levels within your kitchen island, you can stash items keeping them off the top.  Taller islands can have sections where you can place bar stool seating for family and guests.  With ample storage space underneath, you will be able to remove clutter from the surface.

Add Color & Cabinet Storage:


You might want to choose a kitchen island that comes in bright, bold colors to add a really fabulous look to your kitchen.  Also, you are not committed to painted walls that you would have to do over when you get tired of the color.    Take a look at one of these amazing kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

Just For Your Pets:


We’ve all been there, placing water bowls and food bowls along a wall in the kitchen.  They get spilled and make a mess.   Why not incorporate them into your kitchen island? You will give your 4-legged friends a cute space for their bowls while keeping them healthy and safe.

Kitchen Islands On Wheels:


These kitchen islands are a must-have for small kitchens  Roll it out when needed and when you want more space, just roll it out of the way.  They also come with upgrades to make it easy to improve on.

Reuse A Table:

Modish kitchen islands table Modern Furniture Gorgeous Portable Kitchen Island Wheels Reuse Billiard Ideas

A console table or even a sofa can be turned into a convenient island.  Just place a top such as a butcher block top or stone and you are set to go!  It fast, easy, and will give you great storage.

A Banquette:


This is a great idea that will let you join your dining table with a kitchen island.  Its a great idea for extra space and you can use the back of the island to add kitchen cabinet roll-outs for great storage.



If you have unused space in your kitchen, create hidden storage.  Like this kitchen island recycling center.  This great storage will allow your kitchen to function more smoothly and will increase the value of your home.



When you are getting ideas about designing your kitchen, do not forget to install electrical outlets in your kitchen island.  It will give you much-needed outlets for preparing meals and will quickly become one of your favorite upgrades in your home.