There are so many landscaping ideas, a yard is a place where families and friends get together and should reflect your unique designing ideas and taste.  Here are some wonderful ideas from professional landscapers for adding color, functionality, textures, and focal points for your yard.

Landscaping will add an interesting touch to your yard while increasing curbside appeal.  Creating a timeless landscape is actually easy to take care of and will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Creating Unique Touches For Your Yard:

Professional landscapers know that adding edging around your garden, sidewalk, driveway, or your home’s foundation will add interest and ties everything together.  Instead of using the same old straight lines, try adding curves that will add a lovely touch to your yard and great appeal.

Keep in mind when designing your edging, it will be permanent so think how you want everything to look when completed.  The idea is to take old and boring and turn it into magnificent and exciting!

Choose Plants That Are Native To Your Area:


Keep in mind, when you choose plants that are native to your area, you will have less upkeep and lower maintenance.  It will also keep down the costs of purchasing plants and you will be pleasantly surprised how much lower your water bill will be.  Plants that are native to your zone will allow you to have a healthier, thriving garden.

How To Arrange Potted Plants:


While some people choose to have potted gardens, others like to arrange pots throughout their yards for a variety of color.  Potted plants either in gardens or throughout your yard will allow you low maintenance and a great deal of versatility.

You can easily add color to different areas of your yard and move them around at will! To add beautiful colors to your yard, you can also have more colors for a longer period of time by switching plants out by the season.  Select pink and white flowers for the spring, yellows for the summer, and brilliant reds for the fall!

Mixing & Matching Plants:


Select plants that will bloom at different times of the year so you don’t have everything blooming at once, leaving the rest of the year without any color at all.  Choosing perennials and annuals will allow plants to bloom at different times.  Check with your local gardening center for suggestions that will give you beautiful colors from spring through fall.

Is Artificial Grass In Your Future?


If you have dogs and kids, you know how quickly your yard can go from great to really bad!  Without meaning to, kids and dogs will tear up your yard and leave a trail of destruction.  You might want to consider artificial grass in place of natural grass.  Artificial grass requires absolutely no maintenance and is dog-proof and child-proof.  It might just be the solution to your yard problems.

Adding Lights To Accent Your Garden & Walkways:


There is something magical about lighting after the sun goes down.  Landscaping lights are perfect to provide additional beauty after hours.  Illuminating your garden, walkways, and sidewalks will give your home a beautiful appearance. Placing outdoor lights in areas that are used frequently, will not only look wonderful but also prevent those from walking along a path from stumbling and being hurt.  Don’t line up your lights in a straight boring line.  Switch them from one side of a walkway to the other, spread them around your yard in a way that creates a unique, inviting design.

The Magnificent Lavender Plant:


Lavender is one of the most beloved and popular plants anywhere.  It’s beautiful color and scent is unmistakable.  Many gardeners plant lavender to used in vases to add a relaxing aroma in their homes, for caches, and many other uses.

If you don’t live in a climate that offers regular rain, just water these plants twice a week.  Lavender has also proven to repel bugs from your plants.  Place a few of these plants in containers and set them on your patio, you’d be surprised how fewer bugs will be bothering you during the summer.

Add Outdoor Seating To Your Design:


Adding a bench in a secluded area will give you a place to just relax and enjoy your landscaping endeavors.  You can either purchase a bench that fits your landscaping or create one using concrete or stones.  Word of caution, do not use too many materials in one area or it’ll become too busy and not what you are looking for.  You can erect a wonderful seating arrangement under tall trees or surround it with your favorite flowers.

Adding A Waterfall Or Flower Pond:


There are very few features that are more delightful than the gentle sound of water coming from a waterfall or a flower/pebble pond.  However, constructed, it should look natural in its location.  There are water gardens and waterfalls that are pre-made or if you are creative, do it yourself.  There are many materials to choose from including a wide selection of stones. Do not use more than 3 elements in your designing or it will not look natural but will look out of place.

Materials For Your Walkway:


Create a lovely walkway or pathway constructed from stepping stones, natural flagstone, decorative bricks, or crushed stone.  You should choose materials that are similar to the exterior of your home, such as brick or stone.  If you want to add contrast, choose a different material for the walkway edging and let it stand out.

Crushed Stone:


Crushed stone is commonly used for flower beds.  It keeps down critters and provides a beautiful look.

Designing your unique yard is not particularly difficult but it does take some planning and time.  If there are things that you believe you need to hire someone professional, then go for it!  The idea is to have a beautiful, unique, place for an aesthetic appeal and a magical place to relax after hours.