Your home is the most wonderful place on earth for relaxing, finding comfort, and is strictly you!  Your living room should be a place where everyone feels welcome and right at home.

Not everyone has the skills, or technical knowledge to create a mid-century modern living room.  You need large windows with beautiful views to truly call your living room a mid-century modern living room.

Unfortunately, when describing what is required during the construction of this style room, most people end up with a very average looking room because they’ve missed the point.

If your room is average and ordinary, it will not be attracting or will never amaze your friends.  In this century, vision and creativity should offer fiberglass, plastic, and other materials that will transform your room into WOW!

Here are some really awesome custom design ideas to get the perfect look you want. Get ready to view true beauty.

Lincoln: The Perfect Mid-Century Modern Living Room:


If this design is exactly what you want for your living room, first and foremost, connect with nature and then take a closer look at this beautiful modern living room that was constructed in the 1940s and is considered one of the very best!

The entire home was built with an exquisite artistic mindset.  Two walls are made of huge windows while the other two are made of concrete.  This design allows you to have a breathtaking view out of the windows.

The glass is perfectly created to prevent any potential dangers.  The entire look of the house is totally opposite the traditional English design which makes it ever so soothing and comfortable.

San Francisco: A Remodeled Mid-Century Modern Living Room:


This exquisite room is spacious and ever so beautiful.  It will amaze absolutely anyone who looks at it, whether a child or an adult.  With tons of windows that makes this mid century living room a place for you to connect with nature.

This beautiful home is perfectly located in San Francisco where lifestyles are ever so busy!

Addison: The Mid-Century Modern Perfect Home:


If wooden floors and huge windows in your home will let you connect with nature, this mid-century living room will take your breath away!  With vivid colors and hardwood floors, this stylish home is amazing everyone who sees it.

Calgary: A Mid-Century Living Room:


This Calgary design might be just what you are looking for.  With it’s enclosed structure and several windows, this house provides tones of security.  The fireplace and beige flooring provide a great, clean look to this home.

Ranch: Mid-Century Living Room:


Whether you want to decorate as soon as you move in or would rather wait a few years, this home will always entice you.  With its beautiful bright colors and gorgeous flooring, you will absolutely fall in love! The fireplace is strategically located in the center of the room of the main hall and its wonderful era designed structure gives it a unique look indeed.

Mid-Century Living Room With A Tan Sofa:


Let’s face it, a great sofa is a place to stretch out and just relax after a long day. This gorgeous mid century living room, lovely tan sofa, and coffee table in the center of the hall makes for a perfect look.  Other design thoughts include a large basket that holds tons of books and a lovely watercolor that will capture your heart.

The Cottage Mid-Century Living Room:

If you have always been in love with the cottage look, this is for you!  This modern mid-century living room offers wood roofing and hardwood floors offer incredible beauty. Try placing a large center table with chairs around it, you will have visitors stopping by all the time!


South Austin: Mid-Century Modern Living Room:

Southern Asia is renowned for its beautiful places, it’s distinctive culture, along with incredible harmony blending with modern technology.  This absolutely gorgeous home is adorned with a false wood ceiling supported by a beam.

The semi-gloss colors and the Asian design on the walls make this Austin home one of the most breathtaking places anywhere!


Retro Modern Mid-Century Living Room:

This truly retro mid century room is a perfect example of retro modern mid-century homes.  It is designed with a very simple center table, a couple of sofas and matte finished wall colors making this a stunning home!

The Vintage Mid-Century Modern Living Room:

This is a stunningly beautiful example of a Scandinavian modern mid-century living room.  It’s loading with thick, tough glass walls and a very simple straight lined design.  This room evokes harmony, peace, and incredible beauty.


The above are some of the most incredible modern mid-century living designs anywhere!  Brilliant colors, gorgeous patterns, amazing flooring, and the overall aesthetic surroundings of these homes are breathtaking.  If one of these designs is you, friends, relatives, and neighbors are going to love to stop by!