Minimalist living room – If you want to unwind and enjoy your time off, a very good idea is to create a minimalist living room. You just have to remove the clutter and you will have enough time to unwind, enjoy your life and step away from stressful situations. Plus, if you opt for a minimalist design, you get to make your living room look bigger and more imposing. Do that, opt for some clear lines and some stunning colors, then results can be amazing!

Amazing Minimalist Living Room Designs

We will always enjoy minimalism, mostly because it’s unique, appealing and it manages to bring in front a delightful visual experience. There’s a reason why minimalism is trending, because it offers impressive visuals and a sense of relaxation, which is exactly what you want from your home.

Minimalist living rooms are very inviting and they will always make you come to your home nice and easy. We know that living rooms need to be visually impressive, which is why we have created a list with some of the most interesting minimalist living room designs that are modern, enticing and nothing short of interesting.

Designing and decorating your minimalist living room can be easier if you are inspired with genius and great design ideas. This can make the small space feel larger, spacious and fresh. These simple decorative ideas can make your minimalist living room more spacious and gorgeous while maintaining its functionality.

1. Allow The Sunlight For Minimalist Living Room


If you are designing your minimalist living room, it is best that you let the natural light enter the room, by keeping your windows dressing simple. Instead of using heavy drapes, use simple curtains. It will not only brighten the living room but is also good for your health. If your windows are big, you can just leave them uncovered. A full-length curtain is also a perfect choice if you have lofty or high ceilings, as it creates an illusion of space.

2. Accent wall

Modern Condo Living Room Design With Accent Wall Color And Wall Art And White Sectional Sofa Inside Condo Living Room Furniture

Dark shades might be daring to look at, but with the used of accent, it helps a lot to make your small space feel more spacious. If you feel very bold, use fun & printed wallpapers or DIY designs to make it more beautiful to look at.

3. Placed mirrors


Mirrors are one of the great techniques to use to visually expand a room. To make your small space living room feel spacious, place a big mirror as it reflects most light & can make your space double in its size.

4. Opt for Lucite or Glass tables


With Glass or Lucite tables, your living room will look more spacious and fashionable because the eyes move right on the translucent materials.

5. Warm up your room with white


With all-white designs, your living room may seem creepy especially to your kids and pets. But the white walls, with furniture and light color of floors, can brighten the space of your living room. You can also add other designs with neutral tones to have a concise and clean look.

6. Remember the essence of scale


When you put many small furniture in your tiny space, it can make the room look congested and crowded. Instead of putting small furniture, opt for some bigger furniture such as L-shape couch that wraps and leave your room plenty space and look nicely.

7. Throw larger rugs in the area of your minimalist living room


It can naturally move your eyes to the large edge of the rugs as it gives a spacious illusion of square footage. It is also the best way that you can do if your dining room and living room shared space.

8. Beautify your television


To make a tasteful design for your television, you can mount in with rustic board or go for more creative TV cover, as it can add gorgeous look design to your minimalist living room.

9. Make your minimalist living room with floating shelves


If you are a book lover, and you don’t have space for your books in your living room, you can install a corner bookshelf or floating bookcase where you can keep your books and without making your living room crowded or messy.

10. Play total tricks


If you want to make your minimalist room look more spacious, use a different shade of colors for your walls and other furniture as it creates tonal harmony and make space more open.

11. Transform your living room with arts


The gallery walls have potential in making your minimalist room feel the more dramatic piece, confined, and large. If the walls are too plain, you can make art that gives an impression of spaciousness.

12. Use lighting for your advantage

Decorations Modern Minimalist Living Room Design With Recessed pertaining to Cool Cove Ceiling Lights in the Living room

Lighting can pool in a spot and using small lamps in every corner of the room can turn the room more spacious than it seems. You can also try cool sconces as they give open and expansive space in the room.

13. Ditch & end tables


If you don’t have enough space for your end table, you can go a the sofa table which sits just behind your couch.

14. Use furniture with expose legs


It is better if you have furniture in your minimalist living room with exposing legs as they give an illusion of space on the floor, rather than chairs or couch with a skirted base. Furniture with exposed legs provide a great spot for your magazines.

15. Sky-high ceiling with painted wallpapers


The painted wallpapers on the ceilings of your living room can naturally draw attraction. It can make your ceilings high as if it is a sky-high ceiling.

16. Bring outside in


Some house plants can add liveliness and freshness to a minimalist living room, as it provides space for fresh air inside the room. If you want to make your room more comfortable and airy feel, add outside elements such as a rattan chair or hammock couch.

17. Use many rugs to have multiple spaces


Mixing electric designs and patterns such as Berber and Boucherouite rugs can liven up things in your living room. Placing many rugs can improve and give expansive space in your minimalist living room.

18. Multi-purpose table


The multiple purpose coffee table with storage can keep your minimalist living room look tidy, neat, and cozy. It is also one of the easiest ways to stash the clutter quickly if there is a coming guest or visitor.

19. Float the furniture


To create the illusion of space and help things flow easily, place some pieces of furniture in the center, allowing your guests to walk freely and it doesn’t make your things look messy and cramped.

20. Less decoration is great


Instead of putting small decorative elements around your minimalist living room, opt for a bit larger and less decorations for pleasing look. Because the smaller decorations, the more it appears cluttered.

21. Color coding


Color coding of your living room can provide a more organized looking space.

22. Create expansive space with the backless furniture


Backless pieces such as poufs, stools, and x-benches can give extra seating and make the things in your living room look spacious and improve posture.

23. Coordinate colors


You can use of decorative elements, especially if you have limited time to renovate your living room. Place a few pillows with the same colors to your curtains as it can give wonders and make the space feel open and wide.

24. Keep your minimalist living room look long with stripes & tall pieces of furniture


The tall bookshelves, paintings, striped rugs, and entertainment units are all items that elongate space. These items can help a lot to make your living room more spacious.

25. Play around and experiment with many different layouts


Experimenting with different layouts is one of the best ways that you can do in order to create unique and beautiful designs for your tiny space living room. You might want to make more space at the center of the room than the space for your furniture. But, the small space of your living room might turn into a spacious one with your experiment layouts. Because sometimes unexpected designs results in the most perfect one!

26. Minimalism


This design shows how important it is to add white into the mix. You have a sense of lightness and the furniture shines because of that! With just a simple central piece you get to add a sense of quality and amazing appeal to your living room!

27. House Studio


Thanks to the stained glass effect, you can give a more interesting and enticing appeal to your home. Add in some natural textiles and your living room will be brought to life!

28. Modern Living Room


A combination of white, grey and black are easily combined to deliver an impressive visual design for minimalism lovers.

29. Jrs Flat


This design looks great, it showcases a sense of youth and at the same time it’s created based on the owner personality.

30. Modern Architecture For Minimalist Living Room


This living room looks clean and it’s also sleek. It manages to bring in front a great way of using colors and it does have a very distinct set of visuals because of that.

31. Modern Living


You can easily do the minimalist furniture look great. A combination of red and black does wonders here and it places a lot of focus on the light wall colors found here.

32. Simple Living Area


Here you can find a living room that has great lighting and which also brings in front some nicely chosen, unique accessories that work very well with the design!

33. Interior Concept Living Room


This is a white and black living room that manages to integrate a patterned carpet that spruces up the color. It looks great and it does bring in front of a very relaxing visual experience.

34. Rassicurante

Thanks to the integration of white ceramic tiles, you can showcase the beauty of a living room and this design is a clear example of that.


35. Minimal Living Room


As you can see here, the large window manages to bring in a lot of light into the living room and it does make the space friendlier and a lot more interesting.

36. Tamizo Interior


The use of neutral colors manages to make this space interesting, yet inviting and impressive at the same time!

37. Interior Living


You never have to focus solely for a single color when you pick your furniture. Accents can work great, as you can find in this design.

38. Lilac


If you want to opt for some interesting color accents, you will make your living room more interesting and unique!

39. Simia


This design seamlessly combines matt lacquer and some natural wood in order to bring in a stunning, enticing and rewarding visual experience.

Within this design you can find a stellar combination of multiple materials. At the same time, this living room is welcoming because it embraces minimalism and it makes clever use of fine lines!

40. Anta Orizzonte


What you have to note about this living room is that it’s the perfect oasis of relaxation. It’s minimalist, yet beautiful and the color combination is amazing as well.

41. Perfectly Aligned


Even a neutral color living room can remove stress, you just have to make it distinct and suitable for your lifestyle!

This is maybe the best way to remove clutter. Adding in additional storage in the back of your TV unit can easily pay off. You keep everything hidden but still have lots of storage.

42. Link 04


This living room comes with a very simplistic approach and it helps you stay away from stress at all costs!

43. 2000’s


You can add colors like white jive, chocolate brown and even some grey, combine them together and you can create a very distinct living room. Plus, there are lots of accessories you can opt for in order to retain the minimalist approach!

44. Strong Accents


Have an accent wall near your shelf and you will add a lot of glamour and fanciness into your living room!

45. Side System Contemporaneo


If you have a beautiful storage system and a good set of accessories, you can easily create a clutter-free living room like the one depicted here!

Tips to Help you Design a Minimalist Living Room

Even if the design is minimalist, you need to keep in mind that this space also has to suit your lifestyle and personality. You shouldn’t remove things from your lifestyle just because you want a minimalist approach. Here are some great ideas you need to opt for.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to figure out how you want to use your room, what you want to add in it, and so on. Is this solely a room where you talk with guests, or do you want to stay here on your own? What activities do you want to enjoy here? Get the right plan going in order to find what furniture works for you!
  2. Pick the right colors. Usually, airy colors are very good, most of the time 2 accent colors and a dominant one will be more than ok. Dark colors are not preferred, so you may want to opt for the lighter colors instead of the darker ones.
  3. It’s a very good idea to put a neutral color on your floor and on the wall. This will allow you to bring in a more interesting appeal for your room. Stay away from prints, although you can use patterns that have a similar color to the wall.
  4. If you want to opt for some furniture pieces, opt for those that actually make sense. Limit the amount of furniture you want to use, and try to opt for something simple. Carvings and any similar complications should not be included here.
  5. You don’t require curtains, but in case you really want to use any, opt for something like the bamboo blinds or roman shades!
  6. The minimalist living room tends to require a lot of lighting, so don’t be shy when it comes to adding lights. Just don’t add too many of them.
  7. Since you have limited storage, you need to make the most out of it. Try to add a lot of storage space in your design. If you plan for enough storage space, you will be able to get some really good results for sure.