Railings are wonderful structures to run along stairs, elevators, decks, and other places for support when descending or ascending safely.  Although initially designed for safety, they are now ranging everywhere from rustic and simple, to elaborate and refined.

These modern stair railings are in top priority when designing a home. Wood railings have been around forever and have highlighted homes from both inside and outside. Railings will enhance the appearance of any stairs and add a beautiful touch to your home.

Railings For You Deck:

Stair Railing Ideas

Deck railings are designed to protect the safety of anyone coming up or down the stairs.  Just like staircase railings, deck railings are made from wood and many different metals.  Some designs incorporation glass panes installed in between the columns and are quite beautiful.  Chrome is often used for a glossy look while wood is still considered the most classic look.

Railings Made From Heavy-Duty Glass:

Glass Stair Railing Ideas

These railings are commonly seen in shopping malls and centers.  They can also add a unique look to your home or garden. These railings must have caps to protect you from the sharp glass edges of the panels.  Some railings are designed in such a way that children’s hands or heads can become stuck between the columns.  This can be easily corrected by adding glass panels between the columns.

Spiral Designed Railings:

Curved Stair Railings

These are lovely railings in which the railing coils along a spiral path.   Usually, these railings are made from steel in the spiral stair railings.  Since they are constructed from steel, they also have a load-bearing capacity which will allow them to last for a very long time.  That said, the design of spiral railings are available in many patterns, artwork, and you can find the right one for you anywhere in the marketplace.

Balusters Made of Steel Add A Wonderful Touch To An Oak Staircase:

Stair Railing Ideas for Home

The blend of metal balusters with Oak will make a simple railing more elegant.  If this seems like something for you, you are in luck because they are available in many places.

Curled Metal Balusters For Curling Staircases:

Stair Railing Designs

This design is one of the most lovely design ideas, offering a beautiful look included in the Ribbon Series Metal Balusters.

The Classic Tuscan Metal Baluster:

Modern Stair Railings

This classic and simple design is a wonderful combination of straight-lined stairs and curved landing.  It is extremely popular with many homeowners. The lovely curve at the bottom landing softens the overall look of the stair’ angular lines.

With Box Newels, Metal Balusters,  And Curved Stairs:

Modern Stair Railing

The combination of wood and metal is a lovely look.  The metal is joined with a wood box newels. The balusters slowly curl around the stairs while curling downward.

For Those Who Are Looking For An Elegant Landing:


This very elegant staircase design is from Stair-Trends.com and is extremely popular! The handrail is 25-feet of maple wood which will match homeowners’ maple floors.

A Curved Landing:


This design creates the curved landing at the bottom of your staircase,  It’s appeal is very inviting and lovely to look at.  It’s also quite easy to build in comparison to some other curved landings and is a curve known as a faux curved radius landing tread. The quarter circle landing allows for traffic to come and go from different directions.

Pebble Stone Mosaic Stair Risers:


This design is very similar to tiled staircase risers while playing on the unique nature of pebble stone mosaic tiles for the risers.  Designed by Stair-Treads.com.  The treads are made from Brazilian Cherry which is an exotic hardy wood that is excellent for high traffic stairs.

Cumaru Plus White:

This design is not only very simple by very functional. It doesn’t get any better than the combination of good-looking, simple, and extremely functional.  The risers are made from a simple wood that is painted white.

The downside, the white risers can become a problem because of scuffing shoes and other marks that the white will show very easily.  It is advised that the risers are painted in a high-gloss to semi-gloss to prevent marring.