Work can be, well, work. For many people, work is sitting at a desk from 9-5 each day (from home?) and completing as many tasks as possible. Sure, this gets most of the bills paid, but there's no denying that it can get pretty dreary quickly. Workers are expected to continue churning out high-quality work and being productive even for the most mundane of recurring duties. This can take a toll on one's mental health.

Something as simple as spicing up your desk with essential items can improve your mood and productivity. Other hacks are kind of no brainers that we just continue to put off. We're going, not very far, beyond the line of sticky notes that have accumulated around your monitor.


The staple. Whether it's a cup of water or a bottle of water, you should always have it with you. You wouldn't want to be dehydrated, as dehydration can lead to short tempers and becoming easily irritated. Irritated and angry people do not do their best work or collaborate well.

Do yourself a favor and buy a half gallon, or full gallon for the hardcore water chuggers out there, so you don't have to fill it up as much throughout the day. 

Breath Mints

Have you offered up a breath mint to someone who refused? Probably not.

Working for long hours in a stationary position can make you fall asleep easily, and a breath mint can easily remedy that. Mints are the ultimate every-situation item, and you should always have some on your desk ready to conquer that lingering coffee breath.

Oil Diffuser

This may not be conventional, but if you can make your workstation smell a certain way you like, you should do it. If you know you're someone who's heavily influenced by smell, you should get scents that smell like your happy place. That way, you'll wade off frustration and anger and feel happy while working. Whatever the scent you want is, a simple oil diffuser will leave your workspace always smelling that way. 

However, you've got to be careful. If you're living in a shared office space, you have to confirm that your scents aren't disturbing your coworkers. Otherwise you're in the clear to leave your mission control center smelling fresh to death.

You should do this at home too by the way.


A lot of people today spend an inordinate amount of time in front of a screen, all consumed in the digital world.

Put some green on that desk or in the area around you. If you can keep it alive, even better. Don't fret though, we've got your back on which plants are easiest to keep alive.

Journal + Pen

We may have computers and smartphones that can do almost everything computers can do— but nothing can replace a good old journal and a pen. Having a journal to write your thoughts immediately will organize your thoughts better than you could hope for.

This journal can also become a refuge any time work gets a little more frustrating.

Take a moment to jot down some stream of consciousness thoughts early in the AM, it can  be extremely therapeutic. Something special happens when you put those words down on paper. Whether it's something that has been bugging you, or a year long manifestation you've been curating, write it out!