Purple bedroom ideas are amazing! Purple is linked to thoughts and creativity; additionally it is a bit a highlight of someone’s maturity along with practicality — it resonates a strong feminine presence and makes out to be an amazing choice for bedrooms, if implemented correctly!

The ideas we’ll show you today are not solely purple, they are mixed with white and black and cream, all colors that go extremely well with purple.

By the way, we forgot to note that purple in addition signifies royals — blended along with black and white, viola! It can be cozy, traditional, and eventually, a favorite pertaining to artists.

With that being said, lets look into these ideas of 15 Stunning Dark, White, and Purple bedrooms which our designers chose.

The Royalty Purple Bedroom


This extremely royal purple bedroom will not pertain to most but it is a lovely thing to behold, cues taken from royal times are present such as the chandelier, the velvet walls and the finishes on the furniture and bed. Even if this style is not entirely from you, some elements can be borrowed.

Modern Purple Touches

This bedroom is way less purple, and way less royal. The designers of this room succeeded in making the purple come to life in the slightest cues. The slightly purple tinted bedroom walls, the bed covers and the purple flowers give an amazing feeling.

Dark Purple And Black Make An Interesting Room

Dark rooms are not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of dark colors and purple then this is the mix for you. Dark purple and black give a sense of luxury that is unmatched, the white floor and ceiling balance the look and complete a really mesmerizing bedroom.

The Silicon Valley Purple Bedroom

This specific purple bedroom gives a feeling of silicon valley. It is extremely modern and clean, the purple is mostly present in the closet doors in a beautiful glass finish. Notice that the closet doors match the drawers and complete the purple flow through the room.

Purple And Illustrations, The Perfect Combo

Since light purple is such a playful color it goes very well with illustrations. In this case the designer used a purple wallpaper and continued the illustrations in custom bed covers, it gives the entire room a young and modern feeling finished off with the purple outlined rug and a slightly purple artwork.

Neons And Purple – Futuristic Look

This bedroom idea is extremely remarkable. It gives off a feeling of some futuristic bedroom out of a sci-fi movie. Of course you don’t have to go to these lengths. But adding some purple neons in your purple bedroom could add a lot.

Purple Child Room

This kind of room is perfect for a little girl. It will give her the feeling of a princess movie. Combine it with some flowers and a unique lamp such as in this room and your child will be one happy princess!