With a little planning and some creativity, you can have yourself a small patio that will stand out in your yard and will be a fabulous addition to your home. A small patio is an excellent idea if your yard is small or if you just want to have enough room left for a garden while still having a place to sit. Either way, you want a place where you can relax during the day or in the evening.

A small patio is a perfect alternative when you just want some time alone to unwind from a busy day and enjoy the sounds and smell of nature. Possibly your small patio will be facing an incredible view that you can share with your family or friends.

Even if you only have very little space or a small yard, you can still have a patio that won’t take up the entire space. If you have a balcony or a terrace, you can turn it into your perfect small patio!

If this sounds like something you really would want to add to your home, we have some excellent small patio ideas to get your imagination going.

Designing and Decorating Your Small Patio:


When designing your patio, you first need a table and chairs. You should choose lighter colors for your chair cushions or choose furniture in lighter woods. Lighter colors will help make your limited space look much larger. Beach chairs in colors that complement each other with printed throw pillows and a few simple plants will make your patio ever so inviting!

Another important thing to remember is to stay simple and stick with only one theme. You have limited space and too many different objects or elements will make your space look crowded and not appealing. Choose a color and design that works with your home, your backyard, or your garden.

How To Add Lighting:


As you will be out on your patio during the evening, it’s important to have some light that will accentuate your area without being intrusive. The problem is that with most lights, a small patio will not have the space to accommodate them. If you run them on your patio flooring, you could easily trip over them, damaging them or yourself.

Running along the railing or edge of your patio is going to look overwhelming, block your view, and will be way too busy. You should look into stringed lights or place your lights around your garden or yard to create a really nice atmosphere.

A great small patio idea is a cedar table and chairs with an umbrella that is lined in lights. Your lighting will be out of the way while making the umbrella a lovely focal point.

Using Plants And Containers:


Probably the best option for a small patio is to bring in hanging plants to keep your space breathing. If your patio has planting beds, then use plants that are smaller and grow upright, but not too tall.

Stay away from plants that are trailers and try limiting the number of plants you’ll be using. If you want containers, keep them in small groups or line them along the walls of your patio. Place your plants in decorative containers to finish off your patio’s look. You want to stay with the same principles used for small gardens to create a welcoming and spacious appeal.

Adding Water Options:


Without a doubt, the sound of running water is amazingly soothing, but if you have a small, enclosed patio, many of these water options will be too large or that wonderful sound will become overwhelmingly loud.

Keep in mind, loud fountains are caused by the volume of water splashing so a really good small patio idea is to get some small wall fountains that do not have water crashing down.

The low levels of water will also ensure you won’t experience splashing on your patio. Keep in mind, if you have a floor fountain it will take up all the space that you just don’t have in a small patio. Wall fountains are the perfect solution, getting the wonderful sound of running water while keeping your space clear.

Using Mosaics:


You’d be amazed at what you can do with mosaics if you have very limited garden space. A river rock mosaic can be a circular path that curves like the shell of a snail in the center and looks far more appealing than concrete or bricks that are also not as flexible.

Framing the area in a gorgeous ceramic tiled fountain and a few small containers and pots with flowers, herbs, and some vegetables. In the background, place taller plants or trees to balance off the entire look.

If you’re really creative, design a beautiful floor by yourself using mosaics. Place some lovely plants around the area and you’ll have yourself a gorgeous and relaxing environment!

An English Cottage Garden Patio:


This is a perfect design for an enclosed patio with a simple table and chairs and hang-plants from the ceiling area. If you’re looking for privacy, some trees in the front of the patio will cast soothing shadows and keep your small patio discreet.

A Front Yard Patio:


Most older homes were built toward the back of the lot, leaving large front yards. For years, these front yards had nothing more than mowed lawns along with long driveways that leading to garages in the backyard.

Build a lovely wooden fence and wooden platform. Add a few lounging chairs and some plants and turn that large front yard into something very special!

An Outside Fireplace For Your Patio:


A lovely built-in fireplace in the back of your patio will be an amazing focal point while gathering family and friends to your splendid patio. A rustic fireplace made of rock/stone is the perfect backdrop. Add a simple table and chair set and a rustic stone flooring. Add a splash of color with some flowers and a lovely pine tree that echoes the entire theme and you have yourself a beautiful rustic patio.