Adulting is all nice and bright, until you start to dread weekdays because weekdays mean work and responsibilities and sometimes, you just don’t really want to deal with them. 

This dread usually manifests on Sundays because it’s your last frontier before you step into a 5-day—for some, 6-day—work week filled with all the things you need to do and think about. 

You get all tingly, restless, or a general uneasiness that you just can’t seem to shake off. Some people even have stomach issues that turn them into irritable beings, making Sundays probably even worse than Mondays. 

This is what you call Sunday Scaries. 

It’s a form of anxiety that comes from anticipating and dreading things that have not yet happened—weekday responsibilities.

And there’s a way that you can deal with it. How, you might ask? Read on to find out the ways to deal with ‘Sunday Scaries’. 

Find Out What’s Causing Your Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, it’s essential that you are able to pin it down to what’s causing it. It could be that you’re approaching a deadline or a crucial event during the week. If you’re unsure of why you’re feeling anxious, try to recall all the things that have been bothering you lately.

Whatever the reason is, it’s best that you identify it. 

That way, you can think about the ways to address how you’re feeling and you can manage your anxiety. You’re gaining back the control and slowly grasping your current situation. Instead of drowning in emotions, you’re going to be better at keeping them at bay. 

Conquer Your Triggers

As much as identifying the causes is an important step in managing your anxiety, it’s also crucial that you’re proactive about the situation. 

It’s good that you’re already aware about the triggers. Now, it’s time that you conquer them. 

If it’s a deadline you’re approaching, assess your current status on whether or not you’re nearing the finish line. If it’s a crucial event, try to think about whether you’re already prepared enough for it. 

From here, you can create a game plan for how you’re going to conquer your anxiety, as well as the things that are about to happen. 

You don’t have to solve the problem right then and there, but having a plan on what to do would definitely help you feel better and grounded by the time your actual week starts. This is where the next tip comes in.

Create a Schedule to Conquer the Week

You’ve identified the triggers and thought of a solution. The next step would be to create a schedule, not just for the triggers you’ve identified but also for the rest of your week. 

By creating a schedule, you’re giving yourself control of what you should do during the week. You’re conditioning yourself for the tasks ahead and it’s better that you have something to follow rather than just make abrupt decisions along the way. 

When you plan for success, you’re already on your way to it. 

Creating a schedule also allows you to remember everything you need to and make it difficult to miss a thing or two. Once you have this schedule, surely you’ll feel relieved knowing you know which steps to take during the week.

Develop A Rewarding Sunday Routine

So far, we’ve tackled things in relation to triggers and schedules. This part, we’re going to tackle a form of self-care and reward. 

Sundays are supposed days of rest, since it’s probably the only week you’re technically not obligated to report for work. If you have a different assigned rest day, this is also applicable to you. 

But generally, on Sundays, you should develop a routine that you look forward to. It could be something as eventful as going to different places every Sunday and relaxing, or just laying down in bed, reading a book all day. 

In this case, do whatever you think is the most rewarding for you. Take this time to just relax and forget about the rest of the world, for as long as you’ve done your part. 

Log Off from Work

Finally, as much as possible, log off from anything non-relaxing such as work, school, or whatever you do on the weekdays. 

Protect your Sundays by making sure it’s completely stress-free. This is part of the package where you create a rewarding Sunday routine for yourself. Only accept truly urgent notifications.

Remember to give yourself a break because you deserve it. Don’t feel guilty for not ignoring notifications that are not urgent. 


You don’t always have to get carried away with your Sunday Scaries. It might seem too overwhelming on some days, but by following the things we’ve enumerated above, you might be able to overcome it without much difficulty. 

What’s important is that you gain back a sense of control that you lose when you start to feel the dread. Remember, you can beat it if you allow yourself to.