More recently there has been an increasing use and demand for nootropics, which is a term used to describe supplements to boost cognitive ability, memory, and creativity. The idea of using these substances to boost your brainpower when working on getting a promotion at work or passing your exams can be quite appealing. However, before doing so, ensure that you do your due diligence to protect your body. This includes finding out how they work. You can either get nootropics over the counter or recommended by a doctor to help manage certain medical conditions.

How Do Nootropics Work?

Nootropics utilize different chemicals meant to improve cognitive performance. They generally boost blood flow to the brain through small arteries continually dilating, which leads to oxygenation and the availability of nutrients. This improves cognitive function and alertness.

There is also evidence that it can counter the effects of aging on the brain. This is because some natural 'smart drugs' help the neurons’ repair process, safeguard against toxins, and lower brain inflammation. These supplements are said to improve creativity, attention, memory, and motivation.

Brain Energy

The human brain consumes 20% of the energy reserves in the body. Mental fatigue and brain fog set in if the body does not provide the brain with enough energy. This causes the metabolic efficiency of the brain to falter. Low energy levels in the brain are also associated with brain degeneration and cognitive decline. Cognitive enhancers can enhance mitochondria’s metabolic activity, transport the material of fatty acids to the brain cells, and increase cerebral’s nutrients and oxygen uptake.

Brain Chemicals

Cell-to-cell communication or synaptic transmission happens when brain chemicals are transmitted from one neuron to another. Based on the information being transmitted, the recipient neuron can respond in various ways. The message will move from one cell to the other until the intended cognitive result is achieved.

An optimized neurotransmitter is essential for the ultimate functionality. Any imbalance in neurotransmitter uptake, release, and synthesis can lead to an imbalance. Smart drugs can optimize neurotransmitters by promoting neurotransmitter synthesis, boosting receptor sensitivity, and hindering neurotransmitter breakdown. Some nootropics engage neurotransmitters directly and naturally.

Cerebral Blood Flow

Healthy circulation helps to remove brain-damaging neurotoxins from the neuronal tissue and increase the delivery of nourishing compounds to the brain. Maintaining this balance is fundamental to cognitive longevity because of the risk factors of cognitive decline related to age and the fact that a balanced cerebral circulation declines with age. Smart drugs promote nitric oxide activation, blood vessel relaxation, inhibit homocysteine and lower the risk of blood cell clumps.

Brain waves

Memory-enhancing substances can increase some brain waves, thus increasing their functionality. For instance, alpha brain waves are typically targeted to enhance alert and relaxed mindsets, promoting creativity, productivity, and chilling out.

Foods Rich in Nootropics

Cognition enhancers are available in foods with nutrients that are beneficial to the brain. These brain foods improve cognitive performance and maintain optimum brain health. Some examples include dark chocolate, red wine, water, coconut oil, eggs, green tea, blueberries, turmeric, and spinach.

Practical Alternatives for Impeccable Brain Health

If brain pills are not for you, you can try other alternatives to improve your brain’s efficiency, capacity, and health. While they are a viable option, keep in mind that they may take more time to produce the results and require discipline.

Aerobic exercise is a top choice, but as you strive to create a regular workout routine, make sure you take regular meals inclusive of brain food. Get quality and adequate sleep, supplementation, and meditate frequently. You should also learn something new to improve neuroplasticity.

Safety and Efficacy

Since smart drugs act on the brain, it is essential to read about their safety and make sure you know their side effects, including addiction, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, insomnia, increased heart rate, and vision issues. However, when used cautiously, they can be quite beneficial. It is crucial to talk to a medical professional for a bit of informed advice beforehand. You should always trust yourself and your body, get smart drugs from reputable brands and watch for side effects.

While most of us mainly focus on our physical health, it is also vital to take care of our brain health. A healthy brain is beneficial for leading a long and fruitful life, staying productive, and keeping the mind active even at an older age.