More often than not, a bad flight experience is just a result of unfortunate events, like a crying kid, turbulence, or even a delayed flight. 

People may think it’s linked to the type of ticket class they bought, but it’s really just a matter of unfortunate circumstances. Your ticket class doesn’t really help you avoid things like turbulence or delays. And, if there’s a crying kid somewhere, you’re bound to hear their wails all flight long. 

Sure, as much as you’d want to choose to have a flight with no problems whatsoever, you just can’t. So, what does it really take to achieve a peaceful traveling experience, regardless of class?

We answer that in the form of tips that you can use each time you fly. These tips, as you will eventually figure out, are all about getting back the control in whatever situation. Meaning, these tips are the things that you can do to give yourself a peaceful flight. 

Ready to turn your future flights into minutes of zen? Read on. 

Get Some Rest Before Your Flight 

Airports are the epitome of rush. The schedules are tight and somehow someone’s always running to catch their flight. 

If you can, try to get some rest before you fly. People who are well-rested tend to be more patient and won’t snap after only a few glitches here and there. 

Having enough rest or sleep empties your tank of irritation, leaving a room for you to apply patience the moment you set foot in the airport. A lot of things can happen and it’s so much better if you’re in a good mood and you don’t lack sleep. 

Moreover, you’re way more level-headed when you don’t carry heavy bags beneath those eyes of yours.

Be Early

Yes, being early also means that you’re not in a panic mode and your nerves are as calm as ever. Again, your tank of irritation is far from full.

When you’re early, you get the chance to stay in an area where you’re most comfortable. Whether it’s a cafe in the airport or a seat that’s farthest from the toilet and nearest the charging station. 

Being early also means that you can get settled and enjoy the books or movies you’ve been putting off. Perhaps, you can’t even get some well-deserved rest or take a nap just before your flight.

Bring Along Good Earphones

Earphones aren’t just your way to cancel out the in-flight  noise. It’s also your way to enjoy your flight!

How, you might ask? 

Well, you could choose to binge on that series you’ve been putting off. Or you could also listen to your favorite albums over and over. Perhaps, you might want to listen to inspiring podcasts to give you a sense of peace when flying.

Whatever it is that you choose to listen to or watch, it’s better that you have earphones that amplify the experience and make you feel like the character of a movie. Just make sure that you pack them in a bag that you carry with you. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Do not underestimate the power of wearing the right clothes. 

As much as taking aesthetic photos at the airport can be a great addition for your IG feed, always prioritize wearing clothes that will make your flying experience more comfortable. The only exception to this rule is if you’re scheduled for a business meeting or an important event right after you land.

All the other instances should not be traded for a few decent pictures. 

On the other hand, you can still actually be pretty stylish even when you’re trying to achieve maximum comfort. Just look up the right mood boards or browse through Pinterest to get the perfect outfit. 

Book the Best Seat

If you have the luxury to do so, choose your seat beforehand. 

The seats considered to be the best ones, regardless of class, are the window seats, the exit rows, and the ones closest to the front. These seats are easily seen by flight attendants, making it easy to attend to your needs. 

Moreover, you’ll be the first one to get in and out of the plane. This is absolutely great for people who can’t wait to get in and off the plane during flying trips. 

If you couldn’t book a seat beforehand, then be early and ask the personnel at the check-in counter if you can take up the seats we’ve mentioned above. Usually, when the flight’s not as packed, you get the chance to choose your seat. 

Again, another perk that comes when you’re early. 

Achieving a peaceful flight doesn’t have to be quite difficult! If you make the right choices beforehand, then you can expect that your in-flight experience won’t be half as bad as you thought it would be.