Who said celebrities only cared about luxury brands? 

Nowadays, we see more and more movie and pop stars posting about indie brands they just can’t seem to get enough about. Instagram tags are filled with up-and-coming brands you’ve never heard before and fans are just curious about what these brands have to offer.

For one, indie brands are just some of the most unassuming companies in the world and there’s absolutely a ton of reasons why they should get the traction they deserve. 

Not only are there more affordable than the common luxury names we’re all too familiar with, but buying from them helps support the visions of small-time players in town. 

What’s even more amazing about these indie brands is that a lot of them value sustainability and being eco-friendly. Making sure that they don’t overproduce items and upcycle or recycle fabric as much as they can.

Curious to know what brands these are? Read on to find out for yourself. 

Sami Miro Vintage

In 2016, Sami Miro founded Sami Miro Vintage and has since been patronized by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Beiber, Gigi & Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and many more.

This small business puts a huge focus on sustainability and upcycling, using vintage fabrics to minimize waste and lessen carbon footprint. As small as this business pitches itself to be, the eco-conscious brand has already been featured in VOGUE, Forbes, Harper Bazaar and ELLE. 

To stay aligned with her objective, each collection released only carries a small range of apparel—adding to the charm of the brand. 

Hunza G

And of course, who doesn’t check out the swimsuits that these trendsetters wear? A brand praised by the young and popular celebrities is Hunza G—quite popular for its signature ‘80s style.

Created by British creative director Georgianna Huddart, Hunza G is a sustainable brand that features high-cut leggy designs and crinkle-stretch fabric. What propelled the brand’s popularity was when Julia Roberts wore a piece in the movie, Pretty Woman.

You’ve probably seen Hunza G’s bikinis and swimsuits on Hailer Beiber, Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa. honestly, who wouldn’t want to wear such flattering bikinis, right? 

Holiday The Label

One recent brand that caught the attention of many fans is Holiday The Label. It was worn by Gigi Hadid in one of her posts on ‘Gram and the buzz has only been getting louder since. 

It was founded by Sydney-based designer, Emma Mulholland. The brand’s goal was to extend your holiday glow and glamour through the clothes that you wear. Featuring prints that reminisce your favorite summer vibe, everybody who wears this brand definitely gets that summer glow. 

As a brand that also campaigns for sustainability, Holiday The Label ensures all fabrics are used up into different items. Excess fabric gets turned into scrunchies, stuffed toys, and masks. Moreover, pre-orders are opened for popular items to ensure no item goes to waste.


Clothes aren’t the only thing that celebrities buy from indie brands. Accessories such as trendy shades are also getting all the hype from Hollywood's blockbuster stars. 

One of these brands is Quay—another Australian brand that celebrities can’t help but love. Inspired by expressive festival goers of the Australian festival circuit, founders gave life to cool, affordable sunnies that effortlessly stand out in the crowd. 

The brand was worn by J. Lo and Chrissy Teigen. Apart from the trendy sunglasses, customers could also protect their eyes with blue-light filtering glasses for a highly affordable price. 

Mirror Palais

Slip dresses and crop tops are all the hype nowadays. Although a lot of brands contribute to this trend, one just seems to stand out—Mirror Palais.

It was started by Marcelo Gaia, a 30-year old New York-raised Brazilian. He started Mirror Palais in 2019 out of his desire to share his story through design and art. Currently, the brand caters pre-order or made-to-order items to ethically produce clothing. 

The brand has been worn by Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa. With so much care and thought going into the brand, it’s no surprise that it has attracted more and more customers—items going out of stock in a matter of hours. 


Indie brands may not be on the same price point as the luxury brands we usually adore, but they definitely have a lot of potential. These brands prove that fashion items don’t need a well-known name to stand out; all they need is a bit of creativity to attract even the most popular celebrities of today.