For today’s post we wanted to show you guys how to add character to your bathroom just by changing up a few simple things like your mirror, sink or even just your faucet. Vintage bathroom decor can seem daunting at first, but the thing is, by simply changing up these little elements you can make a big difference.

One thing that can really add that vintage personality to your bathroom is a mirror. Have fun with this! Search the internet, thrift shops, or discounted home decor stores to find that one special mirror that fits your personality! There are so many mirrors that can make the entire bathroom amazing on their own.

So let’s start with mirrors!

Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

Obviously, this type of decorative mirror is best in a guest bathroom as using it as your main mirror might get annoying to just see yourself in tiny little squares. But it’s a perfect example of a mirror that makes and completes the entire vintage bathroom decor on its own.

These next two bathrooms were taken from a Parade of Homes tour. These bathroom vanities really play up the character in these powder rooms. I believe that sink is a poured concrete slab. What a great idea! We had poured concrete kitchen counters for years and loved them. Although it isn’t very vintage, you’ll notice the mirrors are and they complete the entire vintage kind of steampunk look.

In my own powder/guest bathroom, I knew I wanted a medicine cabinet mirror as that would be the only storage. I found this piece off eBay and it’s been PERFECT for the guest bathroom which is designed in a Tuscan/Old World feel with layered clay walls and dark distressed wood flooring. Ignore the brown square hiding my face!

Vintage Bathroom Sinks

Now when it comes to SINKS, my favorite, hands down, are vessel sinks. These are the ones that sit slightly recessed or directly on top of the counter. They give the entire vintage bathroom decor a new meaning. They look authentic and steampunk and vintage and everything in between. Here are some vessel sink ideas.

I came very close to adding a few vessel sinks in my own Tuscan master bathroom but due to our budget, I had to put that off. They’re not that cheap!

This is another lovely vessel sink, sliding barn door bathroom I have fallen in love with. Other than everything being perfectly symmetrical and the colors perfectly matched. The thick wooden doors on the black railing along with the stone vessel sinks really complete the vintage bathroom decor look. You’ll notice that the mirrors and countertop match the barn doors which is a nice touch that adds fluidity and really completes the entire look.

I hope you have been inspired with lots of fun ideas for your future vintage bathroom or powder room! Don’t be afraid to go out to a thrift shop today, get a mirror and slap it on, it’s cheap, and the results could be amazing. Obviously sinks are more of a commitment. But starting with just a mirror and working your vintage up is a great idea!