This is the time for - practicality? Seriously? Yes. Virgos are above all practical and organized. You drive yourself with a strong work ethic that leads to success. You are also loyal and kind. Shyness and self-doubt are problems that need to be overcome before you can reach your goals. And stop being such a worrier. Loosen up. Chill, baby. This is your time. What can you do to take advantage of this season? Pamper yourself by reading and watching and doing the things you love. Wear the clothes you want. And don't pay any attention to what Leos or Scorpios think. They aren't the Lady of the Zodiac.

1. What books do Virgos love? Virgos are bookworms after all.

  • Love stories above all. You are capable of an appreciation of the soft and tender moments in life.  by Jenny Han is a series that explores the secrets of love, unrequited and open.
  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before
  • Stories of discovery - and love.  by Jenna Evans Welch follows Lina as she makes a journey to Italy, the land of love, and finds love while discovering herself.
  • Love and Gelato
  • Tales about overcoming self-doubt - and love.  is the story of a transgender teen whose identity is unclear/ Written by Kacen Callender, the story follows Felix through self-discovery, falling in love, and exploring life. A book for our times.
  • Felix Ever After
  • A few more titles that Virgos are bound to enjoy include:  by Emma Straub,  by Sally Rooney, and  by Cheryl Strayed
  • All Adults Here
  • Normal People
  • Wild

2. What will you as a Virgo watch and love?

  • Virgos remain curious throughout their lives. You love to learn. Consequently, you love documentaries on anything from cake decorating to Krakatoa to how dowels are made. You have an insatiable interest in life and the world around you.
  • If something critical is happening in the world, you're all over it. You find yourself watching the news constantly. You are not a fantasy person. You're so very real.
  • Movies you'd love would be , , , and . These are real. These things happened.
  • Apollo 11
  • Blackfish
  • Woodstock
  • Inside Job

3. What are the clothes that Virgos love? Earth is Virgo's sign. Grounded in reality with a deep love for the planet, Virgos are organized and conservative in expression. Tasteful.

  • Go for delicate blues and greens, champagne and creamy oranges. Browns and tans set off the other colors.
  • Simple, classic styles are your forte. But add a touch of flair to your wardrobe. An off-the-shoulder blouse, unexpected ruffles. Be slightly daring.
  • You love the simple look, but prints can fit in with your style, too.

4. What do Virgos do for fun?

  • You are an earth person. Nature is your world. Hiking and biking, horseback riding and swimming are all your sports. You go to the beach to swim, to feel the sensuous water all over you, not to sweat in the sun.
  • If you have free time, do what you love doing. Organize. Your closets. Your drawers. Your basement or attic. The garage. Take some time this Virgo season to get your house in order. It will make you feel so good.
  • Virgos are often uncomfortable at parties. They would rather sit at home with their dogs/cats and a good book than mingle with strangers. That shyness thing.

5. Virgos are into wellness. Many are vegans.

  • Virgos love to eat healthy, organic foods. Buying vegetables and fruits from the local farmers' market is one of your weekly explorations.
  • If you go on a diet, you consider the pros and cons of the diet carefully.
  • A juice diet seems healthy. Pros:a. If you blend your own juices with fruits and vegetables, you will usually get all the vitamins and minerals you need.b. You will lose weight quickly as you lose water. This rapid loss increases your desire to stick to the diet.c. If you blend them right, your juice should taste delicious.d. Your stomach shrinks so that when your return to solid food, you eat less.
  • Cons:a. Once you go off the diet, most people regain that lost weight.b. Check the calories you put in the juice and measure your portions accordingly. You can get just as many calories in juice as you can in ice cream.c. Drinking your meals is not as satisfying as eating them. It makes it harder to stick to the juice.

Virgos. It's your time. Go and enjoy. Remember that while you tend to be a perfectionist, you need to relax a little. Enjoy your life. Take a break from the work every now and again. You'll be better for it.