Afternoons have a particular turning point. 

If you're lucky, you never see this turning point coming, especially when you've had a busy and productive morning. For others, it has become a part of their daily routine. And, admittedly, people regard it as the wrong kind of turning point. 

Simply because this turning point is where your motivation has run out of the door, you're not finishing tasks anymore, and you're basically stuck, staring at the task before you.

This is what we call an afternoon slump, and it happens to everyone from time to time. If you've been experiencing it more often than not, there is a way around it. 

Getting out of an afternoon slump is manageable if you know what to do. 

To help you get out of that slump, here are some fool-proof ways to get you up and moving again before the day ends. 

Do Something Manageable

Perhaps you're trying to finish a task that's admittedly difficult to accomplish, and that's okay. 

The best way to motivate you to finish it is if you accomplish doing something else first, no matter how simple. It could be that you print a document and submit it to your boss, or perhaps you send an email to a colleague. 

Whatever alternative task you find, keep it simple and easy to finish. This signals to your brain that you're still fully functional and affirms your ability to accomplish tasks. 

Repeat until you regain the confidence to go back to the task you set aside. 

Mind you; this is very different from procrastinating. You're just simply doing something else first instead of feeling stuck on one difficult thing. This way, you're more productive, and you'll generate your own motivation. 

Take a Walk—Or a Nap

If you want to give yourself a breather, take a walk around the block or the office. If you feel like you need a few minutes of resting time, take a 20-minute nap. 

The point we are trying to make is to give yourself the break you deserve, whether through physical movement or sleep. Walking around is a low-impact exercise that triggers the release of endorphins and getting you a new supply of motivation. 

Power-napping is simply just another way for you to take a few minutes to pause and recuperate. It won't be so hard to tell your brain to get back to work when it's well-rested, and you have regained your energy.

Eat Something You Like 

Now, this might be up for debate. But since we're talking about motivating yourself out of your afternoon slump, you're really just persuading your entire body to go back to work. 

So you might as well eat something you like. Just keep in mind that it's better if it's a healthy fix rather than something with preservatives and all that junk. 

Ideally, you should reach for protein-rich snacks such as jerky, eggs, turkey sandwich, and anything with peanut butter. Kale chips, dried fruit, and roasted seaweed snacks are also a top pick. 

As much as possible, avoid drinking another round of coffee or anything that's too sweet; these foods can disrupt your sleep schedule, which might cause yet another afternoon slump tomorrow. 

Create a Reward System

Since we're already in the direction of persuading your mind to function again, you might as well set a reward that you can enjoy once you finish your current tasks.

By identifying a reward for yourself, you're now more inclined to finish the goal because of your desire to enjoy it as soon as possible. And nothing really beats the feeling that you deserve it. (Even if you were the one to set it up!)

And what's great about this technique is that you tend to finish faster than usual simply because you want the reward as soon as possible. You might be surprised at how quickly things get done with a reward system in place. 

Have a Good Laugh 

This might sound weird, but laughter is actually a really good medicine—even for that dreadful afternoon slump. When you're laughing, you're generally in a great disposition which aids in getting back the motivation you lost.

Laugh away the slump with a funny t.v. episode or podcast, or by exchanging some jokes and funny stories with friends. Just remember to limit the time and not let it consume your entire afternoon. 

You'll soon start to feel much better and, before you know it, you're back to work again, more motivated and happier than before.