There are several ways to help you prevent burnout at work, and this guide will be explaining how you can avoid burnout even in situations where they are seemingly unavoidable. 

In-office Meditation

One way many people avoid burnout is by developing a daily meditation ritual. Just taking a few minutes of your day to sit in a happy and reflective mood can help you prevent burnout. A daily practice of meditation will also decrease the chances of reaching unhealthy burnout coping mechanisms like binge drinking or excessive eating. 

If you are trying to avoid burnout at work, you should try to mediate in the office. This practice will help you deal better with any sort of stress that you may encounter while working. 

Time Blocking

The time block is a time management technique that has to do with working in time increments. To use this technique to avoid burnout, you should try to fix a particular task to a particular time. That way, you won't be easily overwhelmed, as you know that you are only dealing with one task during this specific period, and you'll be able to focus all your energy on it. 

This technique is great because it allows you to focus on tasks better, finish tasks faster, and minimize your stress during work. 

Scheduled Lunch Breaks

One of the easiest ways to avoid employee burnout at work is to create a system of scheduled lunch breaks. These breaks will allow employees to deal with their stress and manage their time by having scheduled breaks during the workday. 

Long workdays can be tiring, and going through all of that without a break can be the perfect recipe for burnout disaster. While getting tired cannot be strictly avoided, breaks can mitigate it. Several studies have shown that breaks, like a lunch break, can replenish your energy, improve self-control, and improve the quality of work. These breaks could also heighten your creativity and increase your attention span. 

Set Boundaries 

Work can be overwhelming, and one way to avoid getting burned out is to set boundaries in your life. For example, you could decide to leave your work computer at work. If your employers provide you with one, decide to leave it at the office each day. That way, you won't have to work at home. That will make your home a safe refuge from whatever shenanigans going on at work. 

You could also limit communication channels when possible. This will make it easier for you to reduce your stress levels, as you won't be bombarded by work updates every minute of the day. This simple act can do wonders for your life. Another technique you should try is to avoid doing personal favors for others. Don't let others bug you down with questions. Sure, you can be a sweet colleague, but once it gets too often and starts taking too much of your time, dare to say no and focus on your work only.  

Be Realistic With Your Goals

Unrealistic goals are one of the biggest reasons for burnout in the modern workplace. When you set goals that you cannot easily reach or cannot realistically reach, you start to work unreasonable hours to reach those goals. Things like that can lead to burnout very easily. 

When you set goals, try to make them realistic. Do not set targets that will require superhuman abilities to reach. Doing that will only introduce you to a world of stress and make you a lot more susceptible to burnout.