Kitchens are considered sacred spaces for this is where people create meals that nourish themselves—and their families. Having a great kitchen shouldn’t necessarily be a luxury these days, especially when there are professionals who are willing to work within your budget. 

However, as straightforward as this may sound, designing kitchens is no easy feat. a lot of things need to be considered and sometimes, expectations need to be managed. 

Don’t fret though, you can definitely achieve your dream kitchen if you know where to start. That is something we will discuss along with the succeeding steps so that you get to cook hearty meals in no time. 

Start With Your Budget

When it comes to designing kitchens, one should first start with how much they’re willing to spend. Kitchens are more expensive than you think, considering the amount of appliances it might need. 

You have to grasp the feasibility of you designing your dream kitchen using the budget you set. This is where professionals can advise you on whether or not what you’ve been imagining is possible. 

Lucky for those who don’t need to budget for the dream is all yours. But for those counting up to the very last penny, never neglect this step. Once you’ve established your budget—and understanding that you might overspend—you can then proceed to the next steps. 

Establish the Function of the Kitchen

It’s important that you establish how your kitchen will be used in the long run. This includes how your family will be using it during the busiest holidays and laziest mornings, whether or not you’ll be using it to entertain guests, and the type of activities you’ll be doing on your own. 

All these are important considerations for how you’ll design it. When you have already established its function, it’ll be much easier to proceed to the next steps. 

Just make sure that you’re thinking about the long-term purpose of having your kitchen at home and not just your current wants and needs. You should also be able to coincide your kitchen’s purpose to the budget you’re willing to spend in order to make it happen.

Identify What Appliances You’d Need

Of course, a kitchen’s not really a kitchen if you don’t have the appliances that you need. You might be going for plenty of appliances only to find out you don’t have a dedicated space for it. 

List down all the appliances you will be needing so that you can plan out where to place them and how much space they’re going to take. Don’t forget to link the functions your kitchen will have to the appliance you’ll be listing down. 

This also means that you will coordinate their designs so that you have a cohesive appearance in your kitchen. On top of that, buying appliances will eat up a huge amount of your budget letting you know whether the budget you’ve set is enough to cover everything. 

Find A Design That Works

Once you’ve listed down everything you need to buy, it’s time to find a design that works. Perhaps you might already have one in your mind, only needing a few details here and there. 

You might opt for an open kitchen with free-flowing pathways and with a minimalist design. You might also consider a traditional, yet classic, kitchen with the usual countertops and light fixtures. 

One thing you do have to consider is the kitchen work triangle. Your design must create an efficient workflow for you to move between key areas such as the sink, the fridge, and the stove—could also be your oven or airfryer.

Storage spaces should also be prioritized considering that you need kitchen utensils and other necessities like pans. Whatever that design is, don’t forget to make estimates and check against the budget. 

Hire Trusted Professionals

Lastly, when you want to achieve your dream kitchen you should hire trusted professionals—if you’re not one yourself. When you try to DIY your way through your kitchen, you might miss out on the important things like the wiring or the water works. 

Although this portion can be costly, it’s more than affordable if you want to have a kitchen that won’t disappoint and will be functional for years to come. 

Ask your friends and read reviews on who’s the best in town. Trust us, you won’t regret spending every penny once you see your dream kitchen come to life before your eyes. 

That wraps it up, you can now take this knowledge and start working on your plans for the kitchen you've always wanted!