For the past few years, the beauty industry has been crystal clear about its direction and plans to take anybody interested in everything pretty and colorful.

It’s going clean and healthy. 

Veteran brands have reformulated their products and removed everything that science deemed unsafe and toxic for the body. On the other hand, newer brands have introduced products that are innovative and sourced from the natural ingredients of the world—water, crops, etc.

This direction has taken the form of a wave, and it has washed over the entire beauty industry, changing products that all precious customers use from head to toe. We never thought that one product would have a cleaner and healthier alternative has been getting all the buzz lately, for a good reason.

It’s your decades-old nail polish.

Although the innovation behind this buzz has been around for a few years now, it’s only just getting the traction it deserves, and we think you should be in on it, as well!

Newer formulations of nail polish are now using water—yes, it’s possible—as a base, in place of the usual chemical solvents found to be quite damaging for the nails and body. 

Water-based nail polish is back in town, and this entire article will tell you why you should care and make the switch today.

Why Water-Based Nail Polishes are Better

Water. What’s not to love about it?

It’s one of the main substances our bodies need, and it’s one of the ingredients responsible for making our skin look supple and dewy—segue, don’t forget to drink your water! 

Nowadays, it’s the go-to ingredient for cleaner and healthier alternatives, and there’s absolutely no doubting as to why. 

Still hesitant about ditching your precious chemical-based polishes? Well then, here are several reasons to convince you to switch sides and for you to see why these water-based nail polishes are better than the crowd-favorite, yet harmful, chemical nail polishes.

  1. It’s ABSOLUTELY Non-Toxic

Probably the only time water will be toxic is when it’s mixed with all the harmful ingredients, which in this case, it’s not. Water-based nail polishes are guaranteed to be non-toxic and safe for both pregnant women and children. 

It’s also safe to say that those plagued with allergies can breathe more easily when using these products. With all these combined, you won’t have to worry about any potential long-term negative effects.

  1. There’s No “Chemical” Stink 

First of all, it does not stink—as it should. Water is odorless. Therefore, polishes with this base are most likely not to carry on some nasty odor or smell its chemical competitors have. 

Not only is it less hazardous for your body and everybody else in the nail salon, but you also won’t have to worry about bothering other people about this all too familiar “chemical stink” just because you had a manicure.

  1. Easy to Apply

Another reason is that it’s so much easier to apply. It makes even beginners look like pros with their new, fabulous nails done at home. If you’re one of those people who struggle to have streak-free nails, this is the answer to your prayers. 

Newer formulations have made it possible for you to correct your mistakes with just a few more coats. Creamier polishes also make it impossible to create imperfect nails each time. 

Want professional-looking nails done at home? Water-based products are for you!

  1. Even Easier to Remove 

On top of its easy application, it’s also much easier to remove. Given that it’s water-based, there’s zero need to use acetone-based removers. Some people even find it fascinating to clean their fingers with just water and a bit of alcohol.

The fewer chemicals to use, the safer you will be. 

Before we keep going, there are some cons you should know before making the switch. It takes just a tad bit longer to dry up—considering there are no harmful chemicals that serve as catalysts for the drying process. And two, your newly manicured nails may not last as long as you want them to. 

But these are just some of the things that come with going clean and healthy. After all, everything natural tends to fade away because nothing harmful is added to preserve it artificially. 

Don’t worry though, you can reapply your favorite shade as much as you want without health risks.

Why You Should Make the Switch

Here’s why. 

Before some beauty geniuses invented water-based nail polish, many nail polishes in the market were made from potentially hazardous substances like formaldehyde.

Does this substance ring any bells—or sirens? It should.

That’s because, according to the National Cancer Institute, formaldehyde was found to be a potentially cancer-causing substance. Not only that, but it’s also one of those substances that caused contact dermatitis in users. Major yikes!

Formaldehyde is also the ingredient responsible for people’s nails going brittle and more susceptible to peeling. So the idea behind “my nails broke!” simply goes back to this nasty ingredient. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration also found it a chemical hazard in nail salons, whether in nail polishes or nail hardeners. Difficulty in breathing, coughing, and even asthma-like attacks were just some of its effects on workers. 

By now, it should be a no-brainer as to why you should make that switch. Don’t worry though, because water-based nail polishes make that switch even more worth it.

So, are you convinced yet?