The online blog jbirdny.com was merged with nueglow.com in 2021 when the JBird NY site took on new ownership.

Rather than operating two separate publications from within the same niche, their contents were combined onto Nue Glow’s site and all existing JBird NY articles were forwarded to their Nue Glow counterparts under the JBird NY author profile

About jbirdny.com
Originally launching as a restaurant in 2011, JBird NY was all the rage among locals. After undergoing a series of hardships, and ultimate closure, the site existed was turned into a blog which it remained as up through early 2021 until it’s merger with Nue Glow. In a short period of time, many helpful pieces were published which are now actively hosted on the Nue Glow site.

About Nue Glow:
Originally founded in 2012 as a series of public social media profiles, Nue Glow set out to redefine beauty from the inside out.

You can read more about us here.

Articles by JBird NY